Ronda Rousey is NOT like Royce Gracie.

People are so fucken stupid, especially MMA fans.

All the dumb fuckers out there in MMAland keep saying that Ronda Rousey is the Royce Gracie of WMMA, a one dimensional fighter who will eventually get "figured out" (just like Royce) and once that happpens she'll get her butt whooped.

NEWS FLASH: Ronda Rousey has ALREADY been figured out yet nobody can stop her submissions anyway. LOL.

What's the ONE thing that Ronda has which lets her SUBMIT her opponents more than anything else?

Judo? Nope, there's lots of Judo players in men's MMA who can't dominate their opponents into first round submissions every fight.

Royce Gracie never had slick transitions or super fast athleticism, he simply had a style of fighting that nobody knew how to counter effectively back in the early days of MMA. His opponents had no idea how to defend his submissions.

But that's not true with Ronda.

Everybody who fights Ronda knows exactly how to counter an armbar. Everybody who fights Ronda has several BJJ black belt teachers helping them to counter Ronda's armbar attempts, yet they still can't prevent themselves from being submitted. Sarah Kaufman even had a female grappling ace (Sheila Bird) to help her with armbar escapes but she still got submitted in less than 60 seconds.


It's because there's no such thing as a guaranteed way to counter Ronda's "armbar" since her armbars aren't typical chess matches which allow plenty of time to counter each attacking move using "strategy" (like Greg Jackson loves).

Sheila Bird and Greg Jackson taught Kafuman armbar "strategy" and incorrectly assumed that this fight was a chess match where every move made by Ronda Rousey could be countered using a "safe" and predetermined strategy.

But the truth is that those dumb fuckers were wrong.

The reason why nobody can prevent the armbar is because Ronda changes each of her fights from a game of "traditional chess" to a game of "Blitz chess" (this is a form of speed chess played so fast that your opponent doesn't have enough time to plan out a "strategy" but must rely on fast acting "tactics" to counter each move as its made, with each new move requiring lightning fast tactics to counter it).

In Blitz chess even some of the world's best Grandmasters can lose to lesser rated chess players who just happen to specialize in Blitz chess, since the people who specialize in Blitz chess are comfortable playing at lightning quick speeds whereas the typical Grandmasters are accustomed to taking longer to finish a single chess game.

This is just another way of saying that Ronda is using her ultra fast athleticism to force her opponents into a fast paced game of tactics where the person with the best athleticism will win every time.

This is true because when defending an armbar the appropriate counter move only lasts until the position changes ever so slightly, at which point the appropriate counter move changes. As Ronda keeps changing her position and trying different grip breaks the opponent must also change their position to defend the armbar. The problem is that Ronda's athleticism allows her to change positions quicker than her opponents can mentally process what's happening and thus they can't respond fast enough to counter each of her moves.

This type of athleticism CANNOT BE TAUGHT just like Jon Jones cannot have his athleticism duplicated by his opponents regardless of who they train with.

Sarah Kaufman spent her entire training camp learning how to prevent the traditional grip break technique that Ronda employed against Miesha Tate in her last fight, which gave her a false sense of security since Kaufman honestly thought that she had a fool proof way to prevent the RondaBar.

However, when Ronda initially failed to break Kaufman's grip she quickly rolled over and attacked Kaufman's other hand by scraping it off the bicep/tricep using a different grip break method.

Kaufman had no answer for this except to hold on for as long as she could. One answer would have been to escape but Ronda's legs were too tightly placed against Kaufman's body so she really couldn't escape from that position.

In other words, Ronda's spent her entire life learning the possible counter moves to every armbar angle and she's learned how to counter every possible counter move FASTER than her opponents can respond to Ronda's counters. It's basically a race.

Therefore Ronda wins because her ATHLETICISM is far better than anybody else in WMMA, not because her Judo moves are so special. There are plenty of Judo players who can't do what she does because they don't have her athleticism.

That's what Greg Jackson finally admitted when he described Sarah Kaufman's reason for losing as: "She just got Caught".

This was Greg's way of finally admitting that Ronda's transitions are so quick that there's nothing he can pinpoint to help Sarah train for a rematch with Ronda, so he sums it up by simply saying "She just got caught". LOL.

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