Fighter's who should drop down

Here is a list of fighter's I feel would be better suited if they dropped down into their more " natural " division. I feel the lack of talent overall in MMA across the bigger weight classes have allowed fighters to remain in a weight class that is not their own out of lack of depth.


1) Cain Velasquez

Considering Cain is around 240 with a bit of fat on him, I think with a cleaned up diet he could get down to 225. That is reasonable for cut from. Cain is skilled enough to not need to drop, and has rare talents for HW such as 5 round cardio that would keep him in the top 5 for years to come, but if he should lose to JDS again, he might want to look elsewhere. And if you have Cain actually fight people his size, god help them, this dude is a monster. Who wouldn't want to see Cain at 205 taking on Jon Jones? Cain dropping seems ridiculous, but should JDS finish Cain again , Cain dropping will become real talk.

2) Daniel Cormier

DC is even more suited for LHW. He's not as big as Cain, and DC should make LHW rather easily with some dedication to dieting. The issue with DC is his inability to make big weight cuts, which could be a problem. I don't think DC even dedicated could be under 220, and 15 pounds of weight cutting may be too much for him. I think if he did everything properly he would probably be healthy, but man, fighting in the right division is not worth risking your life like that. I personally think DC is the man to beat Jon Jones, even moreso than Cain , and would love to see DC vs Jones, but I have a hard time seeing DC being able to make this cut health wise, even though he's brought it up as a possibility.

Honorable Mentions : Roy Nelson , Mark Hunt , Pat Barry

All three of these guys are in the same boat IMO. I think all three of these guys are able to be a bit heavy and get away with being successful at HW do to weak competition. All three of these fighters skillsets are limited , and at LHW I feel they would get exposed. Still would be cool to jolt LHW with some massive power though. Roy is obviously a lot more skilled overall then the other two, and would have the best shot to be good down there, but in all likelihood, it's probably best for these guys to feed on weak HWs and get stomped by the better ones as they have been doing.

Light Heavyweight

1) Rashad Evans

Rashad is dedicated, evolved, and peaking in his career. Might as well maximize his career by being in the proper weight class. Rashad would be an absolute force at MW, and while I won't go as far as to say he would beat Silva, he can make a damn big PPV with him. And Rashad's chances against Silva IMO, are far better than his chances against Jones. Rashad has a big opportunity here, and if I were him, especially with the situation of MW challengers, I would drop asap. People aren't generally in a rush to fight Anderson though. But with Jones around, it's even worse at LHW. At least Silva is old, and his wrestling isn't all that amazing. Plus Rashad should run away from Machida as quickly as possible, as much as Rashad has improved since their fight, Machida is a bad man, and a dangerous match up for Rashad.

2) Shogun Rua

Unfortunately I think Shogun is more likened to Dan Henderson here. I simply don't think he can make the cut, wants to , and he probably wouldn't do good at this stage of his career. Shogun is not motivated like Rashad or Machida, and he's more or less just looking for big paydays and fun fights rather than to really push it. Shogun has been through a lot of wars, knee injuries, and he just isn't peaking. He's on the downslope. Might as well fight at LHW and not go crazy messing around with his body at this stage of his career.

3) Lyoto Machida

Machida is peaking just like Rashad. Machida feels to me to be in his absolute prime, and he might as well be in the proper division. Unfortunately his buddy is at 185, and we probably won't see him there unless necessary. Machida wants to give Jones one last crack, but if he gets beat again, he will most likely want to go to a division with people his size. Jones absolutely dwarfs him.

4) King Mo

Seeing Mo with Rampage the other day startled me to their size difference. Mo can get real heavy, but he is a MW at the end of the day IMO. He would have to be dedicated, but he could be there for sure. He has a lot more issues though right now.

5) Gegard Mousassi

Gegard needs a change and needs to forget that Fedor mentality. His career is not doing well, and he really needs to make a push for his career asap. If Jardine and Rockhold can make 185, Gegard can. He needs to take weight cutting seriously, and make a splash at the UFC 185 division.

( I would add Dan Henderson here as I feel he is a true MW, but Dan simply can't make the cut anymore. )

( Let's see Chael at 205 first before making judgements, and considering his standing in MW I don't blame him. )


This division seems to be in order. I don't see any of the top guys even attempting Welterweight. This division is full of people in their natural class. Hector Lombard is a possibility, but he seems to be too thick to make 170. I would have mentioned Maia but he already dropped down, and looked phenomenal at the new weight class. Shields does seem better suited for MW as well.


Only guy I see is BJ Penn, and he's going to retire after this fight. BJ doesn't seem to be thinking about Lightweight at all either. Perhaps Nick Diaz considering how big Nate is, Nick could possibly do it. But I've never seen Nick get bullied at 170 like Nate did by Rory. If I did, I would think he should go down, but Nick at 170 is fine IMO.


1 ) Gilbert Melendez

I may be wrong on this one, but I feel Gil has a bit of fat on him, and I get the feeling he could possibly make 145. If guys like Kawajiri can make 145 why can't Gil? He's not exactly a huge LW, and he would be completely dwarfed by guys like Gray Maynard / Melvin Guillard / Donald Cerrone. Gil has no reason to drop, so I can understand he won't, but I think he could possibly make it. Not too sure though.

2) Jim Miller

Every time Jim is on the brink of a title shot, he ends up missing his opportunity. Jim may be a heavier guy , roughly 170 I believe, but he needs to do something to shed some weight. He's clearly outsized by all the big dogs of the division.

3) Clay Guida

Clay is in the same spot as Jim. Almost there, just not quite enough. I think Jim and Clay can both bolster FW greatly, and give Aldo some real exciting title fights that will really put FW on the map. Imagine if Aldo is capable of dominating Edgar / Miller / Guida in a year. That would vault Aldo up to Jon Jones level proportions. Or at least somewhere close. Aldo is a great champion, to push a great champion, you need great challengers. Dana should sit down with Clay and Jim and really try to get them to drop. LW is a shark tank, FW is not nearly as deep, although I wouldn't say it's necessarily a very weak division. Clay and Jim would be on the brink of title shots very quickly as well, and that is always good for the career.


1) Frankie Edgar

I would like to see Frankie give FW a run and see the Aldo/ Edgar fight obviously. But honestly, Edgar is still too small for even this weight class. Amazingly so I must say. This should really put how good Edgar is into standing. Edgar wouldn't even be close to being one of the bigger FW's, if anything he's an average FW at best. With maxing himself out, he can make 135 I think, and I think guys like Urijah Faber , Dominick Cruz, and Renan Barao are all his size or bigger. I don't think this would happen, but I would find this to be the best place to call home for someone with Frankie's frame .

2) Chad Mendes

If Faber can make 135, Mendes can too. FW isn't deep, and Mendes might as well continue his dominance until Jose beats him twice , forcing him out of the division. I do believe that Faber is at least as big as Mendes, if not bigger. They probably just don't want to compete in the same weight class.

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