Breaking Bad Recap: Say My Name

It dawns on me that none of these recaps have included a "spoilers" disclaimer. So, I'm doing it now. This recap will feature spoilers. Lots of them. But, let's be serious, how could I recap an episode of a TV show without telling you what happened? And, let's take things a step further. If you aren't watching Breaking Bad, why are you reading the recaps? No, let's go backwards a step. WHY AREN'T YOU WATCHING BREAKING BAD??!!!

I'm going on record as saying this was the craziest episode, yet. I know we've said that several times, and we meant it. But, for me, this episode just takes the cake, due to the importance it will have on the rest of the story and for the characters from the past that it involves.

It's all getting out of control. Every part of it. It's fitting that a train was such a pivotal part of last week's episode, because that's what Walt is like: a train that is about to be derailed. But not before he derails everything and everyone else in his life, first. If he's going down, he's going down swinging, and he's taking everyone with him.

In "Say My Name," we start out where we left off with Walt proving to Mike how they can all win, with a plan that will allow Walt to keep cooking and Mike to have his $5 mil and the ability to walk away.

The "braintrust" head out to the desert to meet the same guy that Mike met up with in the last episode (presumably the competition). Walt makes him an offer he can't refuse, agreeing to cut them in on his business, if they agree to take over Mike's end of the trio, which is the distribution department.

At first, the rival meth dealer is oppositional, and he pretends to have no clue who Walt is. But you know that's not gonna set well with Walt, and you know he's talked his way out of WAY bigger messes than this one.

By the end of the conversation, Walt has the dealer and his men agreeing to his proposal, and he even makes him say his name...


It's weird, honestly. It's clearly a power trip, and it just shows how Walt's ego has grown out of control. He doesn't fear men. He doesn't fear death. He's in the "empire business," and he's not playing nice anymore.

And that, my friends, is the "Walter White Moment of the Episode."

The distance between Walt and Skyler continues to grow. He apparently has set his sights on the car wash as his new cook lab. Skyler knows, but she also knows she can't stop him.

Jesse wants out. He's said as much, but Walt isn't listening. You get the impression that Jesse is the only person Walt feels like he still can count on. He's been there through it all. He looks up to Walt. Everyone else has turned on him. Even is own wife wants to see him dead.

But Jesse is through. He's seen Walt take a turn towards the dark side, and he's had enough. He wants his cool 5 milly. He wants to be out the door. He wants to stop seeing kids get poisoned and shot off of mopeds in the middle of the desert.

Walt isn't having it, and it all culminates with a very loud disagreement, wherein Walt threatens to withhold Jesse's share if he walks.

Not cool, yo.

Walt can't do the cooking on his own, not efficiently, anyway, so he brings in Todd, who is eager at the opportunity and works hard to earn Walt's approval. Walt seems intrigued. It's kind of like he's found his "new Jesse," a trade-in, if you will. And, like everything Walt does anymore, it's creepy.

Things are heating up for Mike, as Hank seems to think he is the lynchpin to getting to the bottom of the Gus Fring crime ring. He's become obsessed with him, even though his boss has told him to chill out.

In direct disobedience, Hank tells Gomez to put a tail on Mike's lawyer, in the hope of possibly catching him doing something illegal and maybe getting him to flip on Mike.

He does -- and he does.

Luckily (?), Walt happens to be in Hank's office having another good cry over some coffee while he gets back the listening devices he planted, and he overhears everything. He calls Mike to warn him, and Mike is able to escape before he is detained.

As a favor, Walt agrees to grab Mike's travel bag (which has a ton of loot and a gun, among other things) and meet him somewhere, since the police are looking for Mike, and he can't get it himself.

If you get the feeling that Walt has an ulterior motive in all this, you're right (but that's not exactly rocket science, since Walt ALWAYS has an ulterior motive).

When Walt meets up with Mike to give him the bag, he insists on Mike giving him the names of the nine men to whom he'd been paying "shut up money." He doesn't say why, but you know he wants to tie up loose ends.

Mike, loyal to his guys to the end, resists, grabs the bag out of Walt's hand and walks to his car. But before he can drive off, Walt walks up to the driver side window and kills him with his own gun.

It's hard to imagine how things could get any more intense, but I say that every week. Walt is a maniac, full blown, and this isn't even a scraping of the iceberg. A lot of people are going to die, and it's all Walt's fault.

I feel like a bad person for watching this. I like and even worse person for loving it.

No Jesse quotes this week. It wasn't there. I won't force it. I wouldn't do that to you.

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