Public service announcement: welcher alert


If you read nothing else in this post, remember this: the username PrivateBox on Mania is a welching slut. He's had over two weeks to make amends to his welching ways, and his time is up. His name is forever synonymous with cowardice, deception, and a general state of degeneracy.

For the record, here's the sig bet agreement:


Ladies and gentlemen of this supposed jury, as you can see from the above exchange, the coward known as PrivateBox lost a bet involving the championship fight between Frankie Edgar and Benson Henderson, and refused to honour said bet since that time.

Objection, you might say. Has the defendant been given a reasonable opportunity to become aware of his responsibilities to adopt said sig bet and his picture, which looked like a penis? Here's your answer:


As you can see, the welcher is clearly aware of his welching. He just doesn't care.

One more possible objection you might have is that PrivateBox isn't technically a welcher, he's a welsher. To that I have to say, welcher, welsher, potato, potato. Whatever you want to call the coward is fine, so long as you understand the guilt of his crimes.

Now wait a minute, a few of you guys might say (especially ShivanTiger), didn't you welch on a bet yourself? Yes and no. In the immediate aftermath of the Condit and Diaz fight, I was unable to accept the robbery of the judges' decision. In my mind Diaz won that fight then, and in my mind he still won that fight. But that didn't change the fact that the decision went to the Natural Born Coward, and I owned up my loss and accepted my sig. A few days late, but restitution was made.

PrivateCock has made no effort to explain himself, no effort to ask for mercy, no effort to argue his point. He's simply ignored his dutiful honour to the sig bet, and acted like nothing's wrong. He walks among you, the honourable members of Mania, pretending he's one of us, but he isn't. He's a snake, a coward, a liar, and probably worse. It speaks to a general lack of moral fibre and character. I wouldn't be surprised if in real life he's a criminal of some nature. I'm not saying he is, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's blogging from prison. Just sayin.

Here was the sig and pic he refused to honour:

To PrivateBox 1 week:

Sig: "The only thing private about my box is the actual number of times it's seen cock in it. I lost count after I passed out one night during a bukkake at the Blue Oyster."



In conclusion, if you see this degenerate individual, my advice is to scorn, deride, mock, abuse, and generally treat like shit. If you don't want to do that, my advice is to at least never sig bet the man, for he has no intention of honouring it.

The truth is that I'm a pretty merciful guy. If he'd come to me after the Edgar loss and said, "dude, I know I lost, but don't you think Edgar was kind of robbed," I probably would have said, "yeah, kinda." I might have followed up with something like, "look, let's go double or nothing on another sig bet. I win, you wear it two weeks, you win, then you don't have to wear shit." Instead he ran, not unlike Osama bin Laden, hiding for a while, hoping the heat would die down and sleeping dogs would lie.

Well, sorry that reality doesn't fit your version of events, PrivateCock, but no amount of denial is going to change the fact that you lost and I won. You lost. I won.

You're the loser. I'm the winner.

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