Jon Jones apologizes to fans and fighters for UFC 151 cancellation

ATLANTA, GA - FEBRUARY 16: Fighter Jon Jones poses after a press conference promoting UFC 145: Jones v Evans at Philips Arena on February 16, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones can't win.

When Dan Henderson got injured and was forced to pull out of UFC 151, Jones made the call to turn down a short notice replacement fight against Chael Sonnen, thinking it was the right decision for his career.

He was wrong.

That's because he's come under a volley of fire from all sides. The fans have turned their back on him, his fellow fighters have blasted him for costing them money, and his bosses laid the entire situation down at his feet, 100-percent putting the blame for this entire situation on his shoulders.

Fair? Of course not. But that's what's happening.

For his part, Jones is trying to make it better. In fact, he issued an apology earlier today for the way everything has played out. But even in doing so, he's probably not going to win back any fans for the way he phrased said apology.

See for yourself:

"Carrying the cross for my company's decision," he tweeted. "If someone has to take the blame, I will accept full responsibility for the way UFC 151 was canceled. I want to sincerely apologize to all the other athletes/fans whose time and money was wasted.

"I feel terrible about the way that was handled."

There's a debate to be had regarding who exactly should be at fault here. The reality is that everyone involved deserves a little bit of the blame. Henderson for getting hurt, Jones for turning down the Sonnen fight, the UFC for failing to plan appropriately, Dana White for throwing a "mantrum" when things didn't go the way he wanted them to.

But now that "Bones" has expressed remorse, as only he can, is anyone ready to forgive and forget? Maniacs, are you satisfied with his apology?

For a complete rundown of the entire situation with links to all the major storylines click here.

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