Greg Jackson's gameplan for Sarah Kaufman

In the months leading up to this fight the Rousey haters were convinced that Greg Jackson was going to come up with a winning strategy for Kaufman that couldn't fail, since after all Greg Jackson is the supposed "greatest mind in MMA" according to these people.

They thought if Greg Jackson analyzes all of Ronda's fights then surely he can train a fighter with Kaufman's pedigree to give her a good beatdown. Right?

Not even close. LOL.

What we saw on Saturday night was a lesson on the huge limitations of MMA coaching and gameplanning when the 2 fighters don't possess equal athleticism or skill levels.

Everybody thought that Greg Jackson would train Kaufman to ride the same bicycle that Carlos Condit rode when fighting Nick Diaz and everybody believed that Kaufman would simply ride her bicycle to keep the fight standing up while giving Ronda the beatdown of a lifetime.

But only fools subscribed to this way of thinking since the reality of the situation is that Condit was allowed to ride his bicycle and eek out a decision win ONLY BECAUSE Nick Diaz was looking to KEEP THE FIGHT ON THE FEET.

Even a fool could see this difference between Condit's chances against Diaz and Kaufman's chances against Rousey.

Well, I guess Greg Jackson couldn't see it since that's precisely what his strategy was for Kaufman. Rousey went forward jabbing and what did Kaufman do? She backpedaled to the fence until Rousey was grabbing her in a clinch. It doesn't take Einstein to see that's not going to work.

The problem with fighting Ronda Rousey is that she doesn't want to keep the fight on the feet and will rush in to clinch at virtually every punching exchange, which means if Kaufman can't knock her out in one punch then she can't prevent Rousey from clinching with her. If Greg Jackson didn't see this then he's probably not the genius that people make him out to be.

Not only that but Rousey's clinching is world class and olympic level, it's something she's been doing since childhood against other world class athletes who've been raised since childhood to prevent her from doing that.

She's the only woman who doesn't have to shoot in for a telegraphed wrestling takedown from far away, she can take anybody down from a straight clinch which is something not seen in the WMMA world. If Greg Jackson honestly thought that Kaufman could hop on Condit's bike and backpedal to keep the fight standing then perhaps he needs a lesson in Olympic Judo 101. :-)

People often mention Kaufman's brown belt in BJJ while ignorantly assuming that getting a brown belt from Adam Zugec is roughly equivalent to spending your whole life at the Olympic Level against the best grappling athletes in the world. LOL.

FACTOID #1) Kaufman couldn't even keep Alexis Davis from taking her down and DOMINATING her from top position for the entire 3rd round of their fight, LOL. Yet Alexis Davis is a SUBstandard ground specialist with poor takedowns and pathetic top control. LOL.

FACTOID #2) Kaufman couldn't keep Tate from taking her down and dominating her from top position for several minutes during the 2nd round of their fight, even though Tate used a poorly telegraphed takedown and poor top control during that fight.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that Sarah Kaufman's grappling ability is so bad that she's not even qualified to enter the same cage as Ronda Rousey. If Kaufman fought Rousey 10 times she would lose 11 times, that's how outmatched she is.

Ronda Rousey against Sarah Kaufman is like GSP versus Dan Hardy.

Watching a potential matchup of Rousey vs. Coenen will be no different than what we saw last Saturday night since Coenen's "MMA grappling" isn't just overrated, it's not even close to being on the same level as Rousey's MMA grappling.

For proof just look at Coenen vs. Carmouche and you'll see a crude wrestler dominate Coenen on the ground IN FULL MOUNT POSITION for MINUTES at a time (where Coenen was unable to do anything except flail her legs in hopeless attempts to get free). LOL.

That fight showed how Marloes Coenen grapples when faced with a mid level grappler like Carmouche, who isn't even close to Rousey's grappling level.

The Rousey haters talk about Coenen's world class grappling and her ADCC accomplishments, yada yada yada. Yet against Carmouche (in an MMA fight) Coenen was mounted for several minutes and taken down every single round by a mid level grappler who has no such ADCC accomplishments.

Not to mention that Miesha Tate also dominated Coenen for most of the fight in the grappling department, taking her down and keeping her down, eventually tapping her out.

So imagine what Rousey will do to a slow and lanky grappler like Coenen who has poor takedown defense and no ability to keep her opponent from mounting her. LOL.

That fight wouldn't even be competitive so I hope they don't make it. Coenen will leave the cage without her elbow joint intact. Not a competitive fight at all.

McMann vs. Rousey would be a great fight and very competitive, since McMann is the only person with the grappling ability to have a chance against Rousey. Indeed McMann could probably take Rousey down but based on her performance against Baszler she won't be able to just lay on Rousey and ride out an easy win with no effort. It would be a good fight and either lady could win.

Let's just hope Greg Jackson isn't cornering McMann if she ever does fight Rousey since then we'll see another edition of THE RUNNING MAN, Sara McMann style. LOL. :-)

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