Open Letter to Jon Jones


I have been seething over the pathetic display by the hardcore mixed martial arts fandom that has lambasted you with all sorts of vitriol over your personal decision to postpone your title defense. Not only do you have fans that believe your decision was the correct one, both for the sport and for your personal career, but you have renewed my belief that you are the one fighter that will be spoken of for generations and will undoubtedly go down as the greatest mixed martial artist of all time.

We both know that Chael Sonnen was not an appropriate challenger for the most prestigious championship title in mixed martial arts. Hell, he hasn't even fought at this weight class in 7 years. This isn't the middleweight division, where there are so few challengers, the UFC has to manufacture a challenger by giving a guy a title fight after winning a catcheweight fight, nevermind that he hadn't fought in that division in 3 years. But, Chael didn't even win a catchweight fight to prove he can even be competitive in this division. Chael was never more than a journeyman in this weight class before, why should anyone believe that he is going to be competitive now? Why didn't the UFC call Cyrille Diabate? He was training with Hendo and has a better track record than Chael at 205, in the last 7 years. Why didn't the UFC call Randy Couture out of retirement? Why didn't the UFC allow Chris Weidman to take the fight (yep, he asked for it too)? All 3 have as much claim to a random title fight as Chael Sonnen, they just don't know how to market themselves as well...well except for Captain Paycheck, but I digress.

Giving a fighter who has not won in the division in 7 years, and has never held any kind of mma championship, can not possibly be justified as being good for the sport. The idea is a complete spectacle. It is as bad as Fedor fighting Hong Man Choi. Hell, I loved watching Fedor armbar Hong Man Choi, but there is a reason Japanese MMA is dead. The UFC was supposed to be above this nonsense. So thank you, Jon, for sticking to your moral principles and refusing to get caught up in the spectacle that Chael Sonnen and Dana White were trying to produce, only to make a dollar. THANK YOU FOR DEFENDING THE INTEGRITY OF THE SPORT I LOVE WITH YOUR ACTIONS!!

As for the fans that are talking about you ruining the card and stealing money from the other fighters. You are not the one who signs their paychecks. You are not the one who decided to cancel the card. You are not the one who booked a one-fight card. It is funny to me how every fan agrees that this card was a one-fight card, but they don't blame those 20 poor saps who were irrelevant and couldn't draw enough interest to even be as shitty as UFC 147, those broke saps are to be pitied because someone else didn't take care of them. Fucking socailists, the lot of them. You don't need fans like that. They won't buy your PPV's anyway as they are either illegally streaming or too broke waiting for handouts to afford your PPV, let alone any of your fabulously new Nike merchandise.

I hope you are finally aware that Dana White has no regard for your feelings, or the feelings of your trusted advisors. Dana has done nothing but disparage you, and Mr. Jackson, in every possible way to ensure the brain dead socialists cannot see who's fault it truly is that UFC 151 was cancelled. I hope you remember the way you were treated when it is time to renegotiate your contract. I hope you dicuss the way you were treated with every member of your sister gyms in Colorado, Montreal and New York City. I hope Dana White doesn't realize you have the ability to fight outside of the UFC and make much more money as an independent promoter than you will make as an employee of Zuffa. I hope you consider asking Mr. Jackson to independently promote your first fight out from under the draconian organization known as Zuffa.

Finally, I hope you realize what a true fan is after reading this letter. You lost some points with me after your DUI. Your actions yesterday gained them back tenfold and renewed my faith in this sport, even if I have a very large concern for the stupidity of this sport's fanbase. Oh well, stupidity such as this just means more money for me to win.


Ulf Murphy

P.S. Can you drop Jesus-boy on his noggin again you choke him unconcious? My daughter might grow up being a Chael Sonnen fan if you don't.

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