Breaking Bad Recap: Buyout

Walter White is not very good at keeping friends. Never has been. He's a bridge burner. It's a nasty habit that he's not trying to quit.

The most recent manifestation of this negative character trait has been seen via Walt's relationship with "Hitman Mike," like boiling water slowly rising to the top of the cauldron.

And in this most recent episode of AMC's Breaking Bad (titled: "Buyout"), the water finally oozed up to the top and looks ready to spill all over everything.

In "Buyout," the tension rises to an all-time high, and it's not just between Walter and Mike.

We start off with the guys looking to resolve the unfortunate incident that took place at the climax of the last episode, that being the execution of a young boy on a motorcycle.

This "offing" was enacted by a new member of the team, Todd, who was being brought in as an extra pair of hands, but ended up looking like a loose end that may need to be tied up.

The gang sits down to suss things out, and they determine that there are really only three options:

1) Let Todd go, but continue paying him to keep his mouth shut

2) Kill Todd

3) Keep Todd around so that he'll still be useful, and they won't have to kill him or pay him to shut up

Much to Jesse's chagrin, the guys decide on option 3, only after a very stern word to Todd about bringing guns to jobs and killing kids on mopeds. Basically, if you see a kid on a moped and he waves to you, don't kill him.

Todd's good with that.

Mike finds out that the DEA is tailing him. Jesse is still super bummed about the moped kid that got shot, and he clearly is starting to have some serious fears about Walt and how cool he is with little kids getting murdered.

The combination of the two things leads Mike and Jesse to decide, on their own, that they want out of the meth business. So they arrange a sit down with Walt to make the news known.

The plan they pitch involves selling the methylamine to an independent contractor (aka: another dealer), garnering a very healthy $5 million each, and hitting the road and going their separate ways.

Only problem is that Walter isn't ready to be done. He's just getting started. He's embraced the role of the bad guy.

He's cementing his legacy.

Mike and Jesse decide to go it alone and sell their respective shares, so they meet up with the aforementioned "contractor" in the middle of the desert to talk quantities and pricing.

During the chat, the "contractor" finds out that Mike and Jesse have another partner -- a partner who still plans on cooking the "blue meth" and selling. This doesn't set well with the "contractor," and he tells Mike and Jesse it's all or nothing.

Not good.

Did I mention that Skyler finds out that Walter told her sister about the alleged affair she had with Ted Beneke? Well, she did, and she's understandably not stoked about it.

In the most awkward scene of the entire episode, Skyler comes home, interrupting a conversation between Walter and Jesse where Jesse is trying to convince Walt to sell his share, so that the "contractor" will make the buyout.

Jesse volunteers to clear out, but Walt makes things super weird by encouraging Jesse to stay for dinner with him and Skyler.

Jesse stays for dinner, and as predicted, it was weird. Super weird. No one is talking. You could cut the tension with a knife. But Jesse isn't one of those guys who can just soak in the silence. The quiet makes him uncomfortable, so, out of nervousness, he talks -- a lot.

Jesse spouts off verbal diarrhea for a couple of minutes, in which the "Jesse Quote of the Week" takes place.

During his rant about nothing, Jesse channels Jerry Seinfeld and starts giving his observations about frozen lasagna, when he blurts out "The cheese gets all scabby on top. It's like you're eating a scab!"


Skyler finally gets sick of listening to Jesse talk about lasagna and scabs, and she chimes in and lets everyone at the table know that she's fully aware of Walt's disclosure to her sister about the affair with Beneke.

Awkward city.

In the rising action, Walt goes into the storage unit where it looks as though he plans on stealing the methylamine supply so the guys can't sell it out from under him. Only problem is that Mike was one step ahead of him, and he's waiting for him in the garage.

Mike politely asks Walt to join him in the office to discuss their dilemma. Walt is still opposed to the idea of selling the supply. Mike can see he's not going to be able to reason with him, so he cuffs him to the wall heater and leaves to pursue other pressing matters.

Raise your hand if you thought Walt was going to stay cuffed to the wall unit and wasn't going to be able to get free.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Which brings me to my "Walter White Moment of the Episode."

I've always said Walt is like some kind of evil MacGyver. Here, you can pretty much throw out the "evil" part of the equation and just call him MacGyver, because Walt is able to get free by grabbing the cord from a coffee maker, splicing it with his teeth, then using it as a makeshift welding torch to flame through his bindings (and even some of the flesh on his wrist).

Mike returns to the office to find the methylamine supply gone and Walter and Jesse in the office, waiting for him.

Right before Mike can kill Walt in a fit of rage, both Walt and Jesse stop him by assuring him that Walt has a plan that will allow Mike to get $5 million and the ability to walk away, and they will get to keep the remaining supply and presumably keep cooking.

Roll the credits.

Every time I think things can't get any more intense, they do, and this episode was no different.

What were your favorite moments from Breaking Bad Episode 6?

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