Brown Star Fantasy League Complete Team lists


Hey guys - WELL! What an exhausting event if I had ever seen one on Mania in the past. This wasn't your regular fanpost ladies and gentlemen, this was hustle and bustle! Some were trying to go for a run, some were trying to get some sleep at 4am, others were simply sitting on Mania instead of doing any work at all! No matter where you were you did well to stick it through to LW on the first night, leaving us with just the last two weight classes to smash through this evening.

An epic event from HW down to LW we have some great teams coming out of our two days of drafting. I'm not going to go over any rules here(although i did like the people nominating bids for other people specifying who it was for ie. PHASE 20 etc) this is just to recount the teams. Here we go

I was going to do a play by play wrap up of how we all drafted but it all took too much time of my JUST to draft then I was playing with these little tables fucking around - Making the teams up... Without further ado here are your teams - note: I made up team names for the fuck of it if you want to specify a team name just sing out - Also star and bold text denotes the champion for that weight class.

One thing I didn't notice until now was that Scotti's sitting on two champions and NO ONE picked up Renan Barao, our newest champion in the UFC.











Alright boys - How do you all feel about your teams?!

I still need to go check how we look against the A League but seriously looking through these there are some really strong teams and some great variable that could become game changers.... Will anyone change weight class and throw a spanner in the works? What impact does "temporary retirement/suspension" have on the greatest WW of all time? Who will go up against our champions next? And who will be the one with all the glory? The one to sit atop the Brown Star at the end of the season?!

All these questions will be answered in the coming months- Fantastic work guys I'm pumped for this. Let the shit talk flow like Freddy Mercury with diarrhea!

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