The top 5 HW's of all time

Since it is hard to find a true list of the top fighter's in each division I have decided to do the world of MMA a favor and post the top 5 greatest MMA HW's of all time. Do not worry, I will be sure to post the top 5 in each weight down to LW. I simply chose to start at HW, but I am excited to write about the other divisions as well.

1) Fedor Emelianenko

Why? Because he is the greatest fighter to have ever lived. There is nothing to explain and if you need explanation you are either kidding yourself or you are not involved in the world of MMA. Though because there just might be some new fans out there looking to learn something about this sport I will briefly explain why he is the greatest HW of all time. He has the most HW title defenses in Pride, this says enough as Pride had the best fighters in his day. He fought the most feared opponents, the dreaded kickboxer in Cro Cop, and let us not forget that he took the belt away from Big Nog. His record once stood 31-1 with wins over top 10 competition at the time. His one loss was due to a cut, and a cut he would have happily continued fighting with. He ended his great career on a 3 fight winning streak, few former champions can say the same.

2) Randy Couture

Why? Shall we start with he is the only 3 time UFC HW Champion? Or should we talk about how he held titles in both the HW and LHWT division? Perhaps we should talk about how he showed the world that a Mixed Martial Artist would destroy the best boxer any day of the week.

3) Brock Lesnar

Why? Don't be so stupid and don't hate on him for once being in the WWE. After making Randy Couture look his age and taking his belt, Brock went on to defend the title 2 times. He did this against the very best HW's at the time in submission ace Frank MIr and the very feared and undefeated knockout artist Shane Carwin. Due to illness Brock lost his last two fights and was forced to retire. Many a fool out there like to pretend that he wasn't one of the best HW's the octagon has ever been graced with.

4) Bas Rutten

El Guapo you say? You bet. He was one of the original mixed martial artists. He could knock you out or submit you. He won the belt because of this, and not just any belt the UFC HW Championship. In addition, he was a 3 time King of Pancrase champion (open weight). The only reaosn he lost the UFC belt was due to switching divisions. He also chose to vacate his King of Pancrase title, otherwise he would have as well remained champion for a long time.

5) Big Nog

A former Pride HW Champion, Big Nog is known for his dangerous submission skills, as well he is known to be very heavy handed. His only competition during his prime was Fedor, too bad Fedor was too much for any man on the planet in these days. Sure now Big Nog is older, and Frank Mir snapped his arm, but he is still easily one of the greatest of all time. He is still currently recognized in the top 10 on most major MMA sites as well as in my own current list of top 10 HW's.

Honorable mention- Igor Vovchanchyn

After doing some research and watching more of his fights this man deserves to be remembered. From fighting bare knuckled to putting the gloves on Igor has done it all. He has fought and beat some of the best and had so much pride and determination to be the best HW in the world.

Please stay in touch with my blog as it is one of the few relevant ones IMO. Soon I will discuss the top 5 LHWT's of all time.

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