A "New", "New" Pool for Fantasy MMA

Okay. We have done two events for our "new" fantasy MMA idea and I am completely 100% bored with it. I don't think I have a fighter scheduled to fight until GSP in November, so it means little to me. And considering that the vote says that waivers are non-existent, I can't change anything to that team anyway. I was puttering around with a new idea to keep me interested until November rolls around and I watch GSP lay on Condit for 5 rounds.

Here is my plan, but I need to know if anyone is interested and to smooth out some of the rules.


12-18 guys in a league. There have not been cards with less than 9 fights in some time, but we have been as low as 10 fights recently on fight nights and Fuel cards, so I think 9x2 is the max we want to do. The more players the more difficult, especially off the bat. I like the idea of having as many people as possible, but it gives a distinct advantage to the top 5 guys off the bat and they do not get the back end of the second round like fantasy football.


One different fighter will be taken by every member for every card. For those of you that are slow, that means you will pick one new fighter for every event. 1st draft is random. Bons has a good site for randomly generating an order, so we can use that very easily. After that, the draft order preference will be in this order. Winners draft first, then draws, then losers.

To determine the order amongst the winners, it will be as follows. The fighter with the best odds for winning, as determined on Patrick Sturmberg's Mania betting post, will be least favored in the next draft. the winning fighter with the worst odds will take precedence. Imagine that everyone made a fictitious $100 bet on their fight. The person with the most fictitious money from the $100 "bet" picks first. Example: Jon Jones is -600, Nick Lentz is -200. The player who has Lentz picks before the player with Bones as his odds for victory are slimmer and a bet would have won more money. If the odds are even, we go by alphabetic order (or some other idea if someone has something better).

Draws will follow the same idea, fighter with worse odds is first, alphabetical on a push.

Losers, there is a twist. The losing fighter that wins FOTN bonus is the first pick from the loser bracket regardless of odds, then followed by the losers with the worse odds, followed by alphabetical if a push. Example: Varner is -220, Hendo +500 and Mitsuoka +250. Varner wins FOTN. The draft order would be Varner, Hendo, Mitsuoka.


2 points for a win. 1 point for a finish. 1 point for SOTN, KOOTN, and FOTN (yes a losing fighter will get a point and draft preference). No negative points. No title fight points or any other subjective idea.

First guy to 20 or 25 wins and we start over.


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