UFC 150: What happened? What's next?

Hello again to all my fans, today I will be letting you know what happened on the UFC 150 MAIN CARD and what I think will be next for each fighter. This was an awesome card! There is nothing quite like a badass night of fights! Holloway vs Lawrence What happened?

In our first bout of the evening we got to watch Max Holloway def. Justin Lawrence by TKO! Holloway's punching power was far too much for Lawrence, one big body blow and it was all over! I wish I could say I told you so but I did not post my predictions! What's next?

For Holloway? How about a real opponent? That's right it is time to step up the competition! I would like to see Holloway fight someone like Mike Brown or Nam Phan, if he can beat either of these guys he can prove that he is a real threat to the featherweight division.

For Lawrence? While I am not ready to say cut his ass, I do feel that he is not ready for any kind of real opponenet quite yet. I think that the UFC needs to find him well let's say a suitable opponent, if ya know what I mean. I meant to say (ya) by the way. For those that can't read between the lines the UFC needs to do what they do best while trying to build up a fighter, feed him a bum and if he wins give him someone decent and if he loses to the decent guy cut his ass. Good luck Lawrence, I hope you destroy the next bum you face and that it gives you enough time to train yourself into a real UFC featherweight by the time you fight another real fighter. Okami vs Roberts

What happened? Okami destroyed Roberts! I was very happy to see that Okami used his grappling skills this fight, he did exactly what he needed to do to win this fight and all future fights. Perhaps the beat down that both the Spider and the Barbarian gave him woke him up enough to realize that he is not a striker. If you were wondering the exact way the fight was finished it was via TKO! Okami simply took Roberts down at will and pounded him nearly to death, thank God the ref stepped in! What's next?

For Okami? A big name fight or perhaps a rematch with Boetsch?! Either way I think another two wins he could earn himself another title shot.

For Roberts? I hope they feed him a bum so that he can build himself up, and then perhaps take on a decent fighter after he eats the bum the UFC feeds him. Shields vs Herman

What happened? Simply put, Shields out wrestled Herman. Not a big shock right? Shields won a boring decision, as usual. What's next?

For Shields? Maybe a little more cardio training and then a top MW contender fight. Perhaps a fight against The Count? Winner gets Silva? I like it.

For Herman? Well Short Fuse you just fell right down the laddder, if you won this fight you would have deserved a top contender spot but not now, now you must go right back to where you started. Fight a bum or two or three. Cerrone vs Guillard

What happened? Guillard got knocked out! A big head kick by the Cowboy rocked Guillard in the first round and while Guillard was on wobbly legs the Cowboy punched him in his face and finished the fight! I was so happy to see this, I know Guillard actually thought he was the better striker and I hope he knows now to watch who he shit talks because he just may get his ass kicked yet again. What's next?

For Cowboy? I say the winner of Diaz and Henderson.

For Guillard? I think the UFC will find a suitable opponent ;) Benson "Smooth" Henderson vs Edgar

What happened? Yet again Henderson handled Edgar to win a 5 round decision. He was able to do this through great takedown defense and threatening kicks. The kicks were big, when Benson throws a kick it is with meaning and Edgar knows this so it made Edgar more cautious than you need to be to win a title. What's next?

For Smooth? Well we all know now he has to defend his belt against Diaz.

For Edgar? Back down the ladder you go Frankie pants, but not too far down! I say he fights Guida and if he wins that fight he should get a number one contender fight after.

That's all for now, check back here for UFC 151 Main Card Predictions and following that will be naturally my famous What Happened? What's next?

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