Introducin the Brawl of Shame Losers Table **UPDATED-FIXED**


Fuckin hell did I make a few fuck ups. Sorry guys!!!

Sorry bout the delay.

First off, this shit should have been up fuckin hours agooo. But I got home from work to find that my keyboard was bust. My son managed to wreck it while playin 'Countin Sheep'. So I had to head off to the shops and buy a new keyboard..

...and I kind of ended up in the pub, as ya do!

Well, with the feel good factor floatin around Mania lately, I'll share a pic of the culprit..


Guilty.....and he doesn't give a damn!!!!

Thank you.

The following quotes were some positive feedback for this idea. Surprisingly, a lot of them were from people who didn't make the cut, and have been duly noted. I will set up a secondary, shortened good will gesture tournament, for these losers!! I will make that table tomorrow.

  • This looks like fun, sick idea. props,
  • good job with this,
  • This is awesome......,
  • Well good luck and good idea,
  • Really like the tourney idea
  • Love it
  • Nice job, Tap.
  • great idea.
  • i love what your doing,
  • awesome TSB,
  • This is a great idea, It should be fun.
  • Cool idea,
  • fabulous idea,
  • actually a fucking sick idea

Enough of this feel good shite!

It was bound to happen. For those who had 46 points, and and there was 5 of you, ye were joined as the 32nd qualifier. I had to choose 1. And I choose the fella who I actually watch the fights with and get drunk talkin about each event in the pub the next day with. So Raymondo is in. Sue me!

You came here to see the to see who you were paired against.


Here is the list of qualifiers in the order of Pg scores:

  1. Bons 80 Points
  2. Sanabria 70
  3. KG12 69
  4. Letstalkmma 65
  5. PotOfGold 64
  6. Fosforito 63
  7. Irish_Kev 62
  8. Thunder 62
  9. Fulch 62
  10. Jay 62
  11. Marcbjr2 61
  12. BNF 59
  13. Unambig 59
  14. Rolandando 59
  15. Grims 57
  16. Detroit 56
  17. Tr8k 55
  18. Wolfman 55
  19. The Pride
  20. V.Mike 54
  21. Grapple 54
  22. McRad 53
  23. Phasebook 52
  24. Dlocc 51
  25. @Kimura 51
  26. Cdsmid 49
  27. Freenow 49
  28. Kimura 48
  29. Wooly 48
  30. Bez24 48
  31. Stazza 48
  32. Karpentero 48



Close up!


Vid, so ya know there was no collusion or favourable draws. All randon motha fuckas!!

Brawl of Shame

Okay, so some people were butt hurt to miss the cut. Some were disappointed, and were actually prayin to make the cut.

Some couldn't give a flyin fuck about it. Some, didn't even know about it.

A few I was surprised didn't make it, and a few I thought did, but got cut.

There will probably some ass wipe complainin they didn't get picked for this. Please dont ffs!!

This is just a shitty little tourny for a minimal bit of interest for some.

1 event per round, short and sweet.


How do ye feel about your draws? Hit up the comments and let the shit talk begin.

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