UFC Middleweights - Who Should Fight Who?

I would like to see

Anderson Silva vs Weidman - Reason: Weidman is a bad match up for Silva and that is one of the reasons he doesn't want the fight but there isn't anyone else in the division for him to fight right now. He could wait and see if GSP beats Condit and then fight him,he won't go fight at 205 so thats not an option.The only other fighters he could face in the next 6 months besides Weidman would be Belcher if he beats Belfort,Boetsch if he wins one more fight and Bisping if he gets past Stann.So he should just step up and fight Weidman.

Sonnen vs Wanderlei Silva or Palhares - Reason: Sonnen and Silva do not like each other and it would make for an interesting fight,I know Silva is not a top fighter anymore but its a fight that would definitely sell and could be very entertaining/the Palhares idea is a different one,again Sonnen would be fighting a Brazilian which is always good and hes a submission master and that is Sonnen's one area where he struggles.Both are good match ups,he could also but fight Munoz finally but for some reason I don't think it will happen.

Boetsch vs The Winner of Stann/Bisping - Reason: He needs one more win to get a title shot and I don't think they will give him anyone coming off of a loss in the Top 10 so no Munoz ,I don't think he will fight Sonnen and I know Okami won but I don't see that rematch happening.So Stann/Bisping winner makes sense and would be a good one.

Shields vs Philippou - Reason: Shields is a boring fighter who puts on boring fights so put him up against an exciting guy like Philippou who can keep Shields off of him and punch him in the face,if Shields can find a way to lay on him for 3 rounds and get a win then fuck it then he will get a top 10 guy who will totally murder him. I think Costa would knock him out and thats why i want this fight to happen.

Okami vs Munoz - Reason: Okami just won and Munoz just lost but that doesn't matter,this is a good fight that should of already happened,it will happen and I think it will happen soon.

Lombard vs The Loser of Stann/Bisping - Reason: Lombard was supposed to fight Stann for his Octagon debut but Stann got injured so that fight would be good and makes sense and so does Lombard vs Bisping also everyone likes to watch The Count fight someone who can knock him out.

Belcher should get a title shot if he beats Belfort,but Belfort should fight the Loser of Silva/Weidman if he wins,he shouldn't get a title shot even if he beats Belcher.

Mcgee vs Fukuda - Reason: They keep fighting the same guys and are both coming off losses,it makes alot of sense.

What are some of the fights you want to see?

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