Donald Cerrone vs Anthony Pettis fight likely, will determine next top lightweight contender

August 11, 2012; Denver, CO, USA; Donald Cerrone enters the ring before the start of the fight against Melvin Guillard (not pictured) during UFC 150 at the Pepsi Center. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE

After last night (Aug. 11, 2012), it's no surprise this is the route the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will travel.

Now that the lightweight division has some clarity, forced by a controversial decision loss by Frankie Edgar or not, the rest of the weight class can go about its business of chasing Ben Henderson, the beneficiary of said controversial decision.

Nate Diaz is up first, as he was promised a crack at the crown for choking out Jim Miller back at UFC on Fox 3 in May. But what about after that?

UFC President Dana White revealed to that Donald Cerrone, who destroyed Melvin Guillard at last night's UFC 150 event in Denver, will take on Anthony Pettis and it will determine the next top contender in the 155-pound division.

He had it easy making this fight, too.

That's because Cerrone and Pettis have been bickering back and forth in the media over the past couple weeks in an attempt to get a fight against each other.

Cerrone got it started:

"I definitely wanna go after that title, and getting a rematch with Henderson would be an honor. That'd be sweet, for the belt. But, I really wanna fight Anthony Pettis. I want him to quit crying about his hurt shoulder and step up and fight me. I don't know what I gotta do. Just grab your purse and let's dance, brother."

Pettis quickly answered back:

"It's comedy. This is the first news to me that I have heard of Cerrone calling me out or that he has been calling me out or he wanted to fight me. I talked to my manager about it and I think it's just him trying to get his name out there and trying to get to my spot, trying to get to that title shot, to try and get closer to a title shot. But, for him to do it the way it did, just pissed me of, so. If he gets passed with his fight with Melvin, and it makes sense for me to fight him and then fight for a title shot, then I will do it. If he is in my way, I will take him out. (I'm)100 -percent (pissed off). I am super pissed. I am not the guy to talk or the type of guy to be out there and talk shit about anyone, but for him to call me out and put it the way he put it, pretty much saying that I am afraid to fight somebody, that is never the case. I am never afraid to fight anybody. I want to be the best lightweight in the world and if he is in my way, then I will take him out too. He wanted to fight in August, I wasn't going to be ready until October or November and I openly said it on Twitter and I openly said it everywhere, so it's not a matter of me ducking him, if he wants to fight in November, let's do it, I will gladly take that fight and I will be so motivated to whoop his ass."

Wish granted, gentlemen.

White did not reveal when, where or what event this fight will take place but stay tuned to for more details as they become available.

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