Mania Money Pool Season 8 Results: 1st Event (UFC 150 -- Edgar vs Bendo)



I would like to say sorry for the hate-infested post I did after the event. I am terribly sorry for the post I did after having been sleep-deprived for 24 hours. I will just quote Geno Mrosko and show you how I feel about FE's situation.

" In the UFC, you can fail drug tests, get suspended, arrested, lose definitively, whatever, and still be awarded a title shot or a rematch or a coke and a smile. Just not if you're name is Frankie Edgar. Poor Frankie." - Geno Mrosko

With that, I hope Nathan Diaz beat Benson Henderson to the pulp. I don't want Nathan to choke him or knock him out, I want him to batter him till he feels like he was Jesus Christ when he was finally nailed on the Cross. Needless to say, Benson gave me 7 points, he won but he fucking lost a lot of respect among MMA fans.

Also to ViolentMike, I understand the points you raised and I will try to be not lazy but FUCK YOU if you think I will not continue what I have been doing. You're acting as if you are my employer and that you have been paying me to do the fan posts. I try to be as comprehensive in my post and if you don't like it then just scroll down see your score and FUCK OFF. You have been complaining about the fan post when you can just scroll down look at your score and from there comment on what you want to comment.

Or if you don't like my fan post, then feel fre to put up your own fan post about your score. You just don't fuck up with people here.

In our own Money Pool, last season's Champion Ulf Murphy, still not recovering rom the lowest score he got in his playing career, even surpassed his record. Ulf scored a miserable 31 points after winning last season. Wow. Even second-eunner up Shivan Tiger did not fare well.

Quite surprisingly, new entrant to the pool AJ Sanabriaman actually top scored this event. Is this the changing o the guard? Or this is just a Josh-Grispi like performance for AJ? Let's see:

Now the results:


Main Event:

155 lbs.: Ben Henderson def. Frankie Edgar (for UFC lightweight title) via split decision

Main Card Pay-Per-View (PPV):

155 lbs.: Donald Cerrone def. Melvin Guillard via knockout at 1:16 of round one
185 lbs.: Jake Shields def. Ed Herman via unanimous decision
185 lbs.: Yushin Okami def. Buddy Roberts via TKO at 3:05 of round two
145 lbs.: Max Holloway def. Justin Lawrence via TKO (liver punch) at 4:49 of round two

"Prelims" on FX:

145 lbs.: Dennis Bermudez def. Tom Hayden via submission (guillotine choke) at 4:43 of round one
185 lbs.: Michael Kuiper def. Jared Hamman via TKO at 2:15 of round two
135 lbs.: Ken Stone vs. Erik Perez def. Ken Stone via TKO at 0:17 of round one
135 lbs.: Chico Camus def. Dustin Pague via unanimous decision

"Prelims" on Facebook:

145 lbs.: Nik Lentz def. Eiji Mitsuoka via TKO at 3:45 of round one

Mania1 Camp Picks:

  • 27 people, or an overwhelmingly 73% of the people on the camp picked "Mr. Jesus Christ reference, when in fact what a phony and dick, acting like a true Champion" to win over Frankie " heart of a true Champion" who was picked by 10 people. The 7 points we got is not fair to be honest with you and if you are basking on your glory having that 7 points, something is wrong with you. This time, despite what the incompetent judges said, the 10 people in our camp should have gotten the points.
  • 29 people (78%) picked Jake " The Real Me Has not Come Out" Shields while 8 people picked Mr. Short Fuze " I can't get seem to get my acts together when fighting a top fighter" Herman. Mr. Shields blanketed Herman worse than a hotel blanket and Mr. Herman seemed lost on the ground. Shiv, despite not being impressed by Shields, you have to give him credit for finding ways to win even if it is in the typical- ben Askren fashion.
  • The camp was very much torn-apart on Jared Hamman-Judo Kuiper fight as evidenced by 16 people (43%) picking Mr. Zombie and 21 people (57%) giving the Judo guy the nod. After that destruction posited by Mr. Judo, I hope Mr. Hamman's brain cells will still be there.
  • 34 people (overwhelming 92%) gave Mr. Carney the nod while some 3 people in the camp are still JMMA fanatics even if they knew that Japanese fighters rarely win in the US of A. Rule in betting guys: Stay away from Japanese fighters especially against grinders and tough wrestlers (well, exception is Okami).
  • 30 people (83%) gave TUF scrub Bermudez the nod to win against new comer Tommy Hayden. Hayden and the 6 people who picked him had their sparkling moment when Tommy landed that flying knee. Unfortunately, he lacked the experience and succumbed to a standing choke. The boy has a bright future. As for Mr. Bermudez, expect him to be subbed in his next fight. The guy is so inconsistent.
  • 24 people were fooled by the moniker " The American Kid." I mean how can you not vouch for Mr. Lawrence when he has the striking and wrestling advantage. Unfortunately, Mr. TUF scrub was not "Blessed" with cardio and heart and he turtled as soon as he was kneed in the body followed by a body shot. With him falling are the points of the 24 people who picked him.
  • Only 1, Yes, ONLY ONE, I am too lazy to look it up, picked Mr, Crack over Cowboy. I am sure, though, that there was that scary moment in Round 1 when the 36 people's hopes went down the ground when Cowboy got cocky was tagged and was doing the Chicken Legs Dance. Guiillard is good in his striking, unfortunately he has the same IQ as Paris Hilton.
  • 22 people were doing the safe route when they picked Ken Stone to beat The Pride of Mexico. Unfortunately for Stone, El Goyito took away his sou during the fight and sent his head back to the dust bin. All in 17 seconds.
  • There's that ONE GUY again that tries his luck and picks against the tidal wave of common sense. This guy picked Buddy Roberts to beat Yushin. I am quite surprised that they are now stopping fights because the guy gets punched in the biceps unlimited? Well, one should not be surprised anymore, this is MMA. For Yushin to be happy with that TKO is dog shit. Punching in the biceps? As for Buddy, he learned well from Brock Lesnar the art of "turtling."
  • 30 people hanged tight to TUF scrub Pague's nuts causing them to crash and burn. Pague has the skills and the talent but is too lazy and does not have heart (hey, this is not BJ here). Chico proved impressive as he trashed that guy that scarnon paid 81 points to get in the Brown Star Fantasy MMA league. Good job scar.

The Mania1 Scores:

  • As I have mentioned, newcomer SanabriaMan topbilled this first event scoring an impressive 70 points picking 9 out of 10 correctly. He got full points on Shields and Chico. Very good showing AJ. Hopefully, you're not the Josh Grispi of this season. Good picking bro.
  • Second, and not surprising, is last season's 3rd placer kg12 who scored just one point less than Sanabriaman at 69 points. kg12 did it by picking 8 out of 10 correct but is lucky enough to snatch the full 22 points bonus or the hot bout. he also scored 11 for Shields. Good job kg12. It seems you're a man on a mission now. Good luck.
  • Third, and this is what I have been telling you guys about the level of those free poolers, letstalkmma (or McRad in the free pool last time) scored 65 points going 8 of 10 in picks and luckily landed the full points on the Hot Bout and Mr. Blanket. Good job. Keep it up.
  • Shit-Picker Award, surprisingly, went to last Season's winner Ulf Murphy who miserably scored 31 points going 5 of 10 and only getting full points on Shields. What happened Ulf? SanabriaMan will abuse your sig because of this choking incident.

The Rest of the scores:

Camp Rank Points Player
1 70 SanabriaMan
2 69 kg12
3 65 letstalkmma
4 62 jayw27
5 59 BNF
5 59 unambig
5 59 Rolandando
8 54 ViolentMike
8 54 thepride
10 52 Phasebook
11 51 Dlocc
11 51 U_Had_Me_At_Kimura
13 49 CDSmid
13 49 freenow82
15 48 kimuralloverurface
15 48 wooly-shambler
17 47 Rilly
18 46 Jido7
18 46 VicDundee
20 44 ricky-dooby
21 43 goldmouth
21 43 ShivanTiger
21 43 wyldeman99
21 43 Sombrero
25 42 donkeypunch81
25 42 Deuce02
25 42 NNR
25 42 Amos14
29 41 Yan117
29 41 scarnon
29 41 Aussie
29 41 Joben
33 40 P-Dub
34 39 Agar
35 37 Scottidog
36 32 ohmamadoes
37 31 Ulf_Murphy

Hit it up maniacs.

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