Freepool Result. UFC 150.


Alright, I am hungover like you wouldn't fuckin believe, so I'm gonna make this brief. I'll update it better later. Gotta be in the pub for a cure in an hour. Many thanks for everyone who has stuck with this since last season and good luck to those who have left.(Letstalkmma did quite well)


Edgar won that fight. End of!!!

Thanks for the 11 points though!!

Shields you borin cunt, I fuckin fell asleep watchin your stupid borin fuckin fight and missed the Cerrone fight. What a predictable and borin fuckhead he is. Seriously, even his face is borin. I'll take those 11 points because it was soooooo predictable, if ya didn't score 11 off that fight, ya should just quit now.

For an enjoyable review of the event, please check out Unambigs report here

First off I shall introduce our new members:

and, em..

Right, straight onto the top 3

Speakin of top 3!!!!!


Numero Uno!!!

Number 1 bitches

First fuckin place.


On top!!


Player Username: Bons_210309
Event Title: UFC 150
Points Awarded: 80
Event Rank: #3 out of 2270

That's right mutha fuckas!!! Bons takes this event down like a boss.

  • Scored an awesome 80 points
  • Predicted 9 out 10
  • Got the hot bout perfectly
  • 3 perfect picks
  • 3rd consecutive top 3 finish
  • Finished 3rd in all of Playground!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Respect that yooooooooooo!

Runner up!

Last season, on the first event, he was the shit picker. Not this time!

Player Username: PotOfGold
Event Title: UFC 150
Points Awarded: 64
Event Rank: #167 out of 2270

  • Pot of Gold scores 2nd with 64 points
  • Went 7 for 10 correctly
  • Had 3 perfect picks
  • Scored 14 on the Hotbout
  • Congrats bud!

3rd place

Makin his debut, and makin an instant impact!!

Player Username: fosforito11
Event Title: UFC 150
Points Awarded: 63
Event Rank: #189 out of 2270

  • Only missed runner up spot by a single point with 63
  • Went 8 for 10 correctly
  • However only 2 were perfect
  • 14 points on the Hotbout.
  • Nice debut lad!!

Shit picker

  • This award goes to Aiden08
  • Only made 3 picks
  • Scored 18 points
  • Shit picker!!

Event scores

Camp Rank Points Player Picks
1 80 Bons_210309 View Picks
2 64 PotOfGold View Picks
3 63 fosforito11 View Picks
4 62 IrishKev View Picks
4 62 thunderdownunder View Picks
4 62 fulch View Picks
7 61 marcbjr2 View Picks
8 57 Geno_Gargles_Grims_Balls View Picks
9 55 tr8k View Picks
9 55 wolfman13 View Picks
11 54 MrGrapplefan View Picks
12 53 McRad View Picks
13 48 bezeau24 View Picks
13 48 Stazza View Picks
13 48 karpentero View Picks
16 46 vhw View Picks
16 46 Raymondo View Picks
16 46 Ninja_Oreo_Dollop View Picks
19 33 paulnewman View Picks
20 31 scott1 View Picks
21 18 Aiden08 View Picks

That's your lot for now fuckers.

32 MAN Knock Out Tournament

I will post the new Tournament table tommorow!

If you have scored 45 or less, you didn't make the cut.

5 players have scored 46 to tie for 31st and 32nd.

Raymondo and VicDundee qualify in these spots.

This decision was based on round and method.

Both had 2 perfect picks and more accurate outcome results.

Thats the point of PG imo.

Anyone can pick 8 winners and get low points.

Was considering basing it on the hot bout, but to base it on a single fight makes no sense.

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