Kevin Randleman wants to ‘rip a piece' off Matt Riddle for disrespecting his wife

Jul 21, 2012; Calgary, AB, CANADA; Matt Riddle celebrates defeating Chris Clements (not pictured) welterweight bout of UFC 149 at the Scotiabank Saddledome. Mandatory Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin-US PRESSWIRE

He may have failed in his attempts to pick a fight with Dan Hardy after he called out the British banger after his latest victory over Chris Clements a few weeks ago at UFC 149, but now Matt Riddle may have picked a fight against a much bigger foe in the form of former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight champion, Kevin Randleman.

Apparently, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) alum, Riddle, infuriated "The Monster" after what seems to be a disrespectful phone conversation with Randleman's wife. The former two-time NCAA Division-1 wrestler was having none of it and took to his official Twitter account to voice his displeasure toward Riddle:

Just yo be clear @mattriddle you and I will meet and when we do I will show you fucking respect. And anyone standing next to you the same

It was later brought to the attention of "The Monster" by one of his followers that he had sent the message to the wrong Twitter account and proceeded to give him the correct one. Randleman then unloaded a barrage of threats aimed at "Deep Waters."

Make the jump to see for yourself:

@theCyrildotcom @riddletuf7 nice fight Matt look forward to teaching you fucking respect. Your a tough Guy when talking.g to a woman. Myturn

@mma909 he's a fucking tough pussy when talking on phone to a women. Now he can't get out of this. Given opportunities. Now he has me.

@theCyrildotcom @riddletuf7 I let many people get away with murder. He spoke to her in a way that I will rip a peace of him off. Tough guy

I don't like men that want to be tough and yell at people. Any man that wouldn't check this pussy ain't a man. Now you will deal with me.

When asked by a follower to clarify whether or not Riddle indeed disrespected his wife, Randleman had this to say:

@theCyrildotcom @riddletuf7 yes he did and bad. Your a tough Guy now. And now you can't fix it pussy. You will meet me and you will be sorry

I have for 7 yr. Walked away from drama and fights. Heard this ass talk to my wife more than once. I'm as pissed at him as I feel about tito

@danawhite @lorenzofertitta would be pissed if they heard him speak to there wives so , so I wight 205 in the cage or out it will happen

You don't want to see "The Monster" when he is angry!

Though details are very vague as to what exactly was said between Riddle and Randleman's wife, it must have not been very pleasant if it made him this upset. The beef appears genuine and it doesn't seem that Randleman -- who has competed at heavyweight and light heavyweight during his time with PRIDE FC -- is merely trying to get his way back inside the Octagon.

He is after all, much, much bigger that Riddle and a legal fight between the two is highly unlikely to happen though Randleman assures Matt the two will settle their differences at some point in time.

For what it's worth, Riddle has yet to respond to any of the comments. To keep up with Randleman's Twitter assault on Riddle click here.

In the meantime, we will keep you updated as more details emerge.

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