LSC's 1-2 punch on recent MMA news

No doubt anymore

Anderson Silva went 'Genotime' on Chael Sonnen and ended an epic two year fued that has forever changed the UFC middleweight division. It wasn't an epic five round war but it was a good fight that satisfied everyone who watched the blockbuster event.

Rashad Evans, Michael Bisping, Alan Belcher, Brian Stann,Hector Lombard, Tim Boetsch,Chris Weidman and Mark Munoz of the next few weeks to decide who'll face Anderson Silva. With the new found confidence of the division, I think the rain is coming for the 'Spider'.

UFC 149 has one positive that I saw before the eyes of casual fans, curious to see what it is?

Stay tuned for the following!

UFC 148:

Man, Ivan Mejivar vs. Mike Easton was such a boring fight and one both neither 'wanted'. Menjivar never pulled the trigger or showed that desperation he needed to show. For a fighter who is at 30 years of age and on a rejuvenated boost he just didn't seem all that happy to be here.

Easton, seem to cue in on this and was more than happy to pick his shots but never take a risk. He hit Menjivar with some nice shots but wasn't too keen on mixing it up for a finish.

For a division as thin as bantamweight, these guys could have made a huge jump with champion Dominick Cruz on the sidelines.

Chad Mendes vs. Cody McKenzie, what else does one have to say?

Demian Maia vs. Dong Hyun KIm, yeah well nobody could've picked that method and if they did..i call Congressional hearing.

Cung Le vs. Patrick Cote: It was decent but nobody thought this would go three rounds. I hope Cote doesn't get cut because he is UFC quality even if he couldn't do what Scott Smith and Wanderlei Silva could do. Kudos to Le on earning a UFC win as he has been a welcomed addition to MMA.

Forrest Griffin vs. Tito Ortiz: I am shocked that Ortiz lost after I watched the bout then i saw the fight metric numbers. I was shocked at how many punches and strikes that Griffin landed (49%, I think) but does anyone else feel that Ortiz won that even with those numbers like I do?. Ortiz had more takedowns and actual significant punches that collapsed Griffin.

The post fight antics of Griffin were just so distasteful to do for a fighter who has poured that much into the sport and your career. I was really liking the idea of Griffin leaving and thus giving full spotlight to Ortiz and Rogan. The interview spot and asking terrible questions was sad. Ortiz gassed due to the week, the emotion and just giving it all one last time. Sergio, i do this with all respect but, to question Tito's last performance after everything that fighter has been through wasn't that respectful.

Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen:

Hmm, the 'Gangster from Wets Linn, Oregon' got shot up pretty damn bad by the 'Spider'. Two years from UFC 117 until UFC 148, the two best middleweights left no doubt that they should fight each other but after this past Saturday-it's over.

With duds like Patrick Cote, Thales Leites and Travis Lutter leaving blemishes on an amazing career, The Spider did all he could to shove those away. He beat Chael at UFC 117 which got him back in everyone's good graces, he kicked Vitor Belfort so down the ladder it isn't even funny and he whooped Yush Okami's ass in Brazil before the hometown faithful.

Anderson Silva needed Chael Sonnen to rebuild the allure that is the 'Spider'. It is without question the biggest viewed feud with the growth of the UFC. If Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz' feud was in this era-nothing would touch it. Sonnen used his dominate four rounds and 3:10 of round five to parlay millions of dollars to his and Silva's bank accounts.

Anderson Silva was just too deadly and used his calculated knee to shut the Team Quest product da fuck up. There is nothing left for Chael Sonnen as he would need around five wins and at least four finishes to ever sniff Anderson Silva territory and by then either one may be retired.

Thanks to Chael and Anderson for one of the best things to ever hit mixed martial arts.

Who's Next for Anderson Silva:

The answer for me is simple-Rashad Evans.

Evans, has beat 'Rampage' Jackson, Chuck Liddell, Michael Bisping, Tito Ortiz, Forrest Griffin and went a solid five rounds with Jon Jones-didn't look that bad either. He is a major star and a draw as he has done very well on pay per view.

Evans is one man we all know is NOT scared of the hype and is very confident in his skills. He is a small light heavyweight and with freaks like Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson in the division, a drop may be best suited for Evans.

Evans has wrestling that he can use and transition with better than almost anyone you can name. He has crisp clean boxing that isn't ugly to watch. He has great movement and is never flat-footed. He has only been knocked out once by Lyoto Machida which means he ain't no bitch. He is head and shoulders above Chael Sonnen in everything I've listed which makes this a much more interesting bout.

I thought Chael Sonnen had a chance but did I bet on Chael amongst my friends this past Saturday? No. I took Anderson Silva and thanks for that I won a nice $80. If the UFC is smart and gives Rashad Evans the shine to fight Silva, I'll be taking Evans with no flip-flopping.

Evans in my opinion has elite training, comes back from loses very well and just brings things to the fight that Stann, Bisping, Lombard and Sonnen don't. Evans is the man to face Silva and even with zero fights at 185 pounds brings the thing everyone wants-intrigue.

Quick Thought:

-The UFC 149 preview is brilliant!. Barao sitting on the chair as the stats float by made everyone i was watching with seem to want more. It's about time a UFC promo worked this way. The WWE have made pay per views worthy of a buy due to their marketing, the UFC should be able to as well. It's just the growth of the sport.


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