What Next for the Middle Weight Division

After Anderson Silva's recent victory over Chael Sonnen, what matches should the UFC throw up next for the champion, and loser?

Starting with Sonnen, now that he's lost, he's really lost a lot of that fire and hype he had, because he's not going to be getting another title shot at MW anytime soon. So with that, why not throw him in a fight with Wanderlei Silva? If not Wanderlei, another very compelling match up would be to have Sonnen face Belfort. So it would be either of those 2, either Wanderlei or Belfort.

Speaking of Wanderlei, perhaps the UFC could even throw him against Phillippou who's on a 4 fight winning streak in the UFC.

As for the champion Silva, I say that he gets Bisping should Bisping win his next fight, there's been talk of Bisping VS Stann in September, so should Bisping win that, then him VS Silva in December would make sense.

Then you have another contender in Munoz, who I believe will win in August, so what to do with him if he wins? I say he gets the winner of Lombard VS Boetsch and the winner of that fight then goes on to be the next in line for Silva sometime in 2013.

So with all that said, there are still some challenges left for Silva in the MW before he completely clears out the division, I'd like to see him beat Bisping, Munoz, Lombard, and even Belfort one more time after which the MW division would well and truly have been cleared by Anderson. All in all this would take 2 more years on Silva's part, with 2 fights per year, and by then he'd be 39, and would have nothing left to prove (he has nothing left to prove right now) and could well and truly retire as the most dominant fighter in UFC history, and the GOAT of all time.

On a side note, some might call for super fights between Silva and Jones, Silva and GSP, and as of late Silva and Rashad. Starting with GSP, for me personally that match up doesn't have the appeal factor it had 2 years ago, I think that ship has sailed. The reason being is I don't see GSP posing a major threat to Silva, Silva proved that he can handle the wrestling aspect in his second fight VS Sonnen, which is GSP's main asset, as GSP is never going to outmatch Silva in the stand up.

As for Jon Jones, that is a very very appealing match up, and I think Silva could beat Jones, heck, I think Silva could make a fool of Jones while standing up, but at the same time, Silva is 37, Jones is entering the prime of his career and the prime of his physical body, so in that sense it would be unfair. If Silva was younger, then I'd be all for that fight, but Silva is 37, so that kind of makes the appeal a little less for me. Not to mention the fact that there is a massive size difference, Jones walks around as a heavyweight now, and you add all of these factors with an ageing 37 year old Silva, and the match up is kind off unfair.

Lastly you have Rashad Evans, who's been talking of moving down to 185 to make a fight with Silva, I'd be all for that match up, and wouldn't mind that being the next fight for Silva in December, and if that's the case, should both Bisping and Munoz win their respective bouts, they compete on that same card to determine the number 1 contender to face the winner of SilvaVS Rashad. Silva-Rashad would be a very appealing match up, Rashad is one of the best LHW in the UFC, I rank him as the 2nd best LHW in the UFC, and his record speaks for itself, so it would truly be a super fight with him VS Silva, and another chance for Silva to show his dominance to the world.

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