MMA Fantasy Draft ***A-League Update Thread***

Alrighty boys, at the request of ShivanTiger, A-league is now going to work from their own thread. The draft dates have been FINALIZED - it will be two nights, Sunday and Monday at 8:30 pm EST. The HW-WW portion will be held on Sunday and the LW-BW portion will be held on Monday. Here are the current A-league members and their statuses.

  1. magicmike (confirmed playing and drafting)
  2. Deuce (confirmed playing and drafting)
  3. VM (confirmed playing and drafting)
  4. Ulf (confirmed playing, drafting at least Monday night)
  5. Shiv (confirmed playing, drafting at least Sunday night)
  6. Dak (confirmed playing, has not responded to this draft time)
  7. donkeypunch (confirmed playing and drafting)
  8. dlocc (confirmed playing and drafting)
  9. had me at kimura (confirmed playing and drafting)
  10. bubbles24 (confirmed playing and drafting)
  11. liverpoolsnxt (confirmed playing and drafting)
  12. stinky (confirmed playing and drafting)

Here's the deal. Free - I'm sorry, but you're getting bumped. If it looked like there was going to be a B-league, I would have no problem keeping you in A, but since it doesn't, it really isn't fair that you get to play after signing up later than a lot of the B-leaguers who might not. If a B-league does get moving, you should be in 100%.

As for bubbles and liverpool, you guys need to say something and quick. If either or both of you do not respond to this thread in some way shape or form by the end of BUSINESS TODAY (5pm EST), you will also be bumped for B-leaguers. So B-leaugers, be prepared for an update, one of you is already movin' on up. RIP Sherman Hemsley.

Finally, in regards to kimura, locc, donkeypunch, Dak, and Ulf, you guys have a bit more leeway since you've confirmed that you're playing. I need to know that this draft time works for you, at least for the most part, or that you're at least aware of the draft time and okay with it. If I don't hear something from you one way or another by the time I wake up tomorrow, so sometime in late morning, unfortunately you will have to be bumped, as well. I don't want to do that since you guys have already confirmed that you're playing, but if I have to I will.

B-Leaguers, don't fret, there is at least 1 spot open, and there is potential for there to be 8, so you guys are still very much in the mix. Pay attention to this thread for updates.

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