UFC on FOX 4: LA Kings reject 'Shogun vs Vera' offer, claim MMA is not 'a real sport'

LOS ANGELES CA - JANUARY 10: Timothy J. Leiweke of the Los Angeles Kings and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman watch the game between the Kings and the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Staples Center on January 10 2011 in Los Angeles California. The Leafs defeated the Kings 3-2. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

This past June, the Los Angeles Kings professional hockey team ended a 45-year long championship drought to earn the franchise's first-ever Stanley Cup, defeating the New Jersey Devils in six games to become the NHL's 2011-2012 season champion.

Known for being a championship-caliber sports town, L.A. has been home to plenty of title-winning teams in the past, specifically the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers squads that boast a bevy world championship trophies in the halls of the Staples Center, which is also where the Kings call home.

Kobe Bryant, shooting guard for the Lakers, is an avid mixed martial arts (MMA) fan who has been seen ringside at plenty of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events. His mega-stardom hasn't prevented him from supporting other sports, specifically one as relatively new as MMA.

However, it seems that is not the case with some over at the Kings front office. Apparently, the recent title success has gone to their heads ... at least whoever runs its official Twitter account.

The UFC, which will invade that aforementioned Staples Center on Aug. 4, 2012, with UFC on Fox 4: "Shogun vs. Vera," recently extended a VIP invitation to the hockey team via the team's official Twitter account.

What ensued was a series of not-so-friendly tweets from both organizations.

Make the jump to see for yourself:

We got a VIP ticket with Lord Stanley's name on it for #UFConFOX at Staples

That was the original invitation extended to the Kings. The response, surprisingly, was not very appreciative or welcoming (via anaheimcalling.com):

Sorry. The cup is only for those who play a real sport.

The tweet has already been deleted (which you can still see by clicking here) and replaced with another that simply read:

We may be busy parading our big shiny trophy around the world.

Staying true to form and not one to back down, UFC officials simply responded by posting a photo of all seven current title holders in the promotion via its Twitter account stating that:

"Our checking line > your checking line"


Apparently all tweets from both sides have now been deleted since their back-and-forth. But, as you know, once it's on the web, it pretty much stays on there forever.

Again, the Tweets do not necessarily reflect the Los Angles Kings teams views on the sport of MMA as a whole (or maybe it does), however, it's apparent that somebody at the front office isn't too fond of this full contact sport.

What's your take on this Maniac's, did somebody's boo-boo over at King's central make a major mistake by picking a war with the almighty hand of ZUFFA? Any hockey fans out there care to breakdown how the UFC's "checking line" would stack up against that of the King's?

For what it's worth, my money is on the UFC's champs.

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