Mania Money Pool: Invitation To Be Part of Season 8 Which Starts August 11



First of all, I would like to thank stinky fingers/ricky dooby for the excellent Mania Cup Trophy that he worked tirelessly to develop. This is his property so don't effin steal it.

Second, this is the second call for fellow Maniacs to join Season 8 of the Money Pool. In case you missed the first one here is the thread about it:

I will make this a shorter one so that ViolentMike won't have to bitch about long posts causing DavidWS (R.I.P) to seriously reassess his individuality and outlook towards Mania.

If you want more details, please do read the link I posted above, if your attention span is as low as BodyPunch/K.O's IQ then this one will just suffice for you.

This post is just like sarah's mini skirt: short enough to get your attention, but long enough to cover all the essentials.

The Mania Money Pool in 4-easy steps:

  1. You create an account at (you choose a username)
  2. You email Jay at on how to best send your entry fee ($20). P*yPa* is not allowed!
  3. Once you're good to go, Jay will invite you to Mania1 camp and you're in.
  4. Start making your picks. (correct winner: 5 points, correct round: 2 points: correct method: 2 points: all correct: 11points)

The Prizes* (for season 7 with a total of 26 players):

  1. First prize: $320
  2. Second prize: $150
  3. Third Prize: $70

*If we are able to get more than 40 players, we will pay event winners.

So far the following people (well aside from the regular 26 who played) have shown the balls to get in the pool:

Props to you peepz, my respect to all of you is insurmountably high at this point in time

1) John Danaher

2) Peregrine

3) wooly shambler


5) donkey punch

6) D_Smith

7) NNR

8) Scottidog

9) SanabriaMan

10) U_had_me_at_kimura

11) agutierrez129

12) Aussie

13) your name should be here

So what are you waiting for? Email Jay now and indicate your willingness to play and be competitive with your fellow Maniacs.

Tip: You may want to practice picking and there's no other way to do that but to make an account at PG right now and go practice on the Shogun-Vera card which will be this coming August 04.

Official start of the Mania Money Pool Season 8 is August 11, 2011 and will last after 9 more UFC events.

I'll see you there Maniacs. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to post below and we will defintely make ourselves available to you.

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