MMAmania Fantasy League (the Gritty Reboot) ***IMPORTANT PARTICIPANT/DRAFT UPDATE (#2)***

Times up...

It's been almost a month since LSC brought up his great idea for this fantasy league. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, not much has been said about it since. Well, I'm bringing it back; some new rules, some remaining rules, all based off the same great idea to do a real fantasy MMA league. Let's dive in, shall we...


Auction draft. Each player is allotted 140 points to draft fighters. We'll be drafting from 7 weight classes - Heavyweight to Bantamweight. For those of you non-math majors out there, that's 20 points per weight class, but naturally, you do not have to only use 20 points each; you can use however many points per fighter you want. However, just a word of advice for those future draftees out there - use all your points, there's really no point in hanging onto any of them. There will be a separate point total for waivers. EVERY UFC FIGHTER IS ELIGIBLE TO BE DRAFTED. Oh, speaking of...


First off, here's the difference between those fighters who are free agents and those who go on the waiver wire. Any CURRENT UFC FIGHTER that is not drafted in the original auction draft is a free agent. They can be picked up by any player in the league on a first come first serve basis. Any fighter that is RELEASED by a player after being drafted or was NOT CURRENTLY IN THE UFC at the time of the draft will go on waivers. Waiver drafts will be conducted with a blind bidding system. Each player gets 40 points for waiver bids. If you want a player that is on waivers, you email the commissioner and inform them of your bid. You'll be informed if you win or lose. To prevent abuse of the free agency and the waiver wire systems, you will not be able to obtain points in a certain weight class if you already have a fighter who has competed in that weight class during the season. For example, I'll use the Daniel Cormier. If you draft Ben Rothwell, and he loses in a couple weeks, and then you obtain Daniel Cormier on waivers and he fights before the end of the season and wins, you will not get points for Daniel Cormier's win. I'm closing that potential loophole before the season even starts. Now onto the good stuff...


Each fighter gets 5 points for a win. They also get an added 2 points if they finish the fight. A fighter also collects 2 points if they fight to a draw. Also, your fighter will get 1 point if they are involved in the of the Fight of the Night. Now, in a "regular" fight, your fighter will lose 3 points if they get finished, and lose 2 if they lose the fight in general. In a "number one contender" fight (must be explicitly stated to be a title eliminator before the fight takes place) those totals decrease by 1 point. The same goes for a title fight, so in that instance, you will lose 1 point if you get finished, and none of you lose a decision. Your fighter will have 2 points added to ALL their totals if it comes in a number one contender fight. So if your fighter finishes that fight, they will get 11 points for the win, not 7. Your fighter will have 5 points added to all their totals if they win a title fight. So if your fighter wins his title fight by decision, he will get 10 points, and not just 5. The only way this changes is if your fighter is currently the champion; in that case, your fighter will not get his win bonus. So, for example, if GSP finishes Carlos Condit (it's just an example, this does not reflect what I think will take place), he will obtain 5 points for the win, 2 points for the finish, and 5 bonus points for the finish.


The following is the SECOND and, hopefully, LAST UPDATED list of players who have expressed interest in taking part in this...

  1. magicmike
  2. LSC
  3. Deuce
  4. Dak
  5. Ulf
  6. VM
  7. Shivan
  8. Phasebook
  9. ODHGC
  10. Roy1
  11. Tap or snap
  12. Joben
  13. BO knows MMA
  14. stinky
  15. had me at kimura
  16. AK
  17. donkeypunch
  18. unambig
  19. bubbles24
  20. Wisetoad
  21. dlocc
  22. thunderdownunder
  23. liverpoolsnxt
  24. my crack itches

This right here is good for 12 players per league. LSC would commish one, I would commish the other. If everyone on this list is still interested, we can get into the most important part of this whole thing...


Since it's going to be necessary to do two leagues, we're going to need to organize 2 separate drafts for the leagues. I picked the people to be in the A-league based simply on who I'm already in contact with off the site for ease of communication for all league related issues. I filled in the remaining spots completely randomly. The A-league will be comprised of...

  1. magicmike (confirmed playing and drafting)
  2. Deuce (confirmed playing and drafting)
  3. Dak (confirmed playing)
  4. Ulf (confirmed playing and drafting)
  5. VM (confirmed playing and drafting)
  6. Shiv (confirmed playing)
  7. freenow
  8. liverpoolsnxt
  9. dlocc (confirmed playing)
  10. bubbles24
  11. donkeypunch
  12. had me at kimura

The A-league will be drafting Tuesday and Wednesday of next week at 8:30 pm EST. EVERYONE IN THE A-LEAGUE MUST RESPOND IN THIS THREAD CONFIRMING THEY WILL BE PARTICIPATING AND THAT THE DRAFT TIME WORKS FOR THEM. People who have already responded have their confirmations posted next to their names.

For those of you who are lazy, that would make the B-league

  1. LSC
  2. Phasebook
  3. ODHGC
  4. Roy1 (confirmed playing/no draft time set)
  5. tap or snap (confirmed playing/no draft time set)
  6. Joben
  7. BO knows MMA
  8. stinky
  9. unambig
  10. Wisetoad
  11. thunderdownunder
  12. my crack itches

BJPennFan and scarnon are in line to take a spot if somebody drops out. Freenow takes AKs spot in the A-league.

As far as the B-league is concerned, almost no one has spoken up except Joben, and he only said anything to say that he'd like to move up to the A-league. If no one steps up to commish or confirm they will be participating, the B-league will be scrapped and all of their members will be shit out of luck for season 1. If the B-league ends up getting scrapped (which I'm hoping it won't), and any more A-league members drop, the remaining members of the A-league will determine which B-league members will move up to take their spots. However, if no one from the B-league says anything, and A-league members drop at all, you're really hooking BJPF and scar up. So, in other words, make a move kids.


The leagues will run from August-April; every event that takes place through those 9 months. If there's anything I overlooked, any rules everyone takes a major exception to, or any glaring errors I made, this would be the time to tell me...

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