UFC 149: Sig Bet Results

UFC 149 has come and went but for most it appears like a good thing. Dana White, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) called the main card an embarassment himself.

The night was full of hype trains and two fo the three broke through a lot of doubters. Renan Barao won the UFC interim bantamweight championship and former Maximum Fighting Championship light heavyweight champion Ryan Jimmo had a record setting seven-second knockout. Hector Lombard came and went like a whimper of what fans had seen him do to victims in the past thanks to a leg-kick barrage by Tim Boetsch.

Chieck Kongo secured his gatekeeper status by fustrating Shawn Jordan for three very long rounds. Matt Riddle showed why he was on the main card in a spirited effort which earned him 'submission of the night' as he choked out Canadian Chris Clements. Brian Ebersole tried being the company man but his short notice led to a huge win for James Head.

Big thanks to General Geno, Jesse and Hemmi for all their excellent coverage of UFC 149 and for anything you may have missed, click here

Now the Results!

UFC 149 Sig Bet Results

Lesnar's Striking Coach (Kongo) over Donkey Punch (Jordan)

vhw_ (Boetsch) over enzo-enormous (Lombard)

Johnny Danaher (Boetsch) over Wisetoad (Lombard)

BO_knowns_MMA (Barao) over The Pride (Faber)

Lordrelay (Boetsch) over The Pride ( Lombard)

How To Change Your Signature:

You and a fellow Maniac agree upon a bout by taking one of the fighters in any given fight to win. If you win, you will follow up on the Post UFC 149 sig bet page and give your victim a nasty yet witty sig.

To adjust your sig (If you lose):

Click on your username on the main page located to the top left corner beside the SBnation logo. When you get to your profile page, click Edit Profile and edit your signature with what the winner of your bet has bestowed upon you.

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