Attention fantasy MMA'ers

Ever wanted to go to the UFC for less than $30? Continue reading after the jump.

Hey guys:

I’m reaching out to you guys because Brian Hemminger is a friend of mine, and he mentioned that you have a pretty strong fantasy mma community here.

I wanted to invite all of you to join FantasyMMAWorld. We are about to start our 3rd season. Here are the rules:

1) Each season lasts for 3 months and costs $21.50 to enter.

2) We only use UFC cards on PPV, Fox, FX, and Fuel.

3) For each card, you pick 1) the winner, 2) the method of win, and 3) the round the fight is going to end. Additionally, you choose the Fight of the Night, KO of the Night, and Submission of the Night.

4) Points are as follows:

a. Main event fight: 6 for winner, 3 for method, 3 for round.

b. Main card fights: 4 for winner, 2 for method, 2 for round.

c. Prelims: 2 for winner, 1 for method, 1 for round.

d. Hot Fight (Prelim with the closest betting odds) – Main card fight scoring.

e. Fight Bonuses – 4 points each, with a 4 point bonus for getting all three correct.

***At the end of 3 months, the winner of the league gets 2 tickets to a UFC Pay Per View event, including hotel and airfare. 2nd place gets a Kindle Fire. A $50 gift card goes to the person who scores the most points for each card***

We also started a side contest called “The Battle for Bloodshed”. This is a FREE weekly contest open to anyone who signs up for the regular contest. It revolves around drafting a team of losers and is a unique game you won’t find anywhere else.

The new season technically started July 1st, but as the first card isn’t till Saturday, we extended the deadline to join until Friday, July 6th. As Brian Hemminger will tell you, my league is very professional, very competitive, and a lot of fun. In order to join – check us out at – if you have any questions, you can reach me at or @FFFightLeague on Twitter.

I hope to hear from some of you guys soon.



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