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Today, Chris Weidman did an online live chat at Longo's in Garden City, NY. The chat was moderated by Newsday's Mark LaMonica. Chris was asked questions on a variety of topics, including Anderson Silva, Vitor Belfort, and Michael Bisping. Follow me after the jump to take a look at some of his more interesting and insightful answers.

12:58 - The chat got rolling just before 1 pm with a question about Vitor Belfort's recent challenge. Chris was asked how he felt about the challenge, and if he was honored that a legend of the sport wanted to fight him. He said that for now he's not even going to acknowledge Vitor calling him out because he's only focused on Anderson.

1:00 - Chris was asked why he thinks he will be able to beat Anderson Silva. He responded by saying that his wrestling, BJJ, youth, and length will cause problems for Ando.

1:02 - He was asked how he feels about Silva's camp saying that he's not worthy of a headline fight. Chris said he knows that he's the worst matchup in the division for Silva, so he's not surprised that they'd want to keep Silva away from him.

1:07 - Chris was asked how he'd rather finish a fight, (T)KO or Sub. He said he doesn't care, but he was happy to pick up his first UFC knockout.

1:08 - Chris goes off topic on a question and alludes to the fact that he'd still like to wrestle in the Olympics.

1:10 - Takes a shot at Serra by saying he doesn't watch his video blogs and that they're probably pieces of crap.

1:11 - He was asked if he ends up getting booked with Bisping in the future, how he feels he feels he'd match up with him. Chris says that he thinks Michael Bisping would be an easier fight for him than Mark Munoz. I've never heard this passive aggressive side of Chris before...I like it.

1:12 - Interestingly, when asked who he'd like to fight aside from Anderson, he said that he sees some good fights coming up down the road with Luke Rockhold. Says he thinks he's a great guy, great fighter, and they'll have some wars in the future.

1:17 - Chris said when he fights Anderson, he would go in there with a similar game plan to Sonnen's. He also said he would be open to training with Chael, either back on Long Island or out in Oregon.

1:21 - Pint sized MMA journalist Mike Straka dropped by to ask Chris if Anderson Silva will ever come to terms with fighting him, since he has so much more to lose than he has to gain. Chris said that it will probably coming down to the UFC forcing him, but that they made the Sonnen fight happen so there's a precedent.

1:22 - Chris was proposed another fantasy matchup - Alan Belcher. He responded with the stock answer - "I'm only focused on Silva."

1:29 - He was asked about a potential move to 205. Chris said that he could see it happening in the future, but not before he's champ at 185.

1:31 - Chris was asked if he'd throw a spinning back fist against Anderson Silva? He said he would, but he'd "make sure there were no banana peels in the ring like there was when Chael fought him."

1:32 - Interesting response when asked what his greatest accomplishment in sports has been so far. Chris said that it was becoming NYS champ in high school, because that was the goal he set out to achieve. He said that becoming a NCAA All-American was great, but not as great because he set out to be Nat'l Champ.

1:37 - Chris was asked about TRT. Here's his full response..."Honestly I dont like it. Its not fair that older guys with more experience get to have more testosterone then a young guy like me. For example, Im 28 and have never taken any type of steroid. My testosterone levels are fine yet they arent even close to the maximum levels allowed. I dont get it !"

1:47 - Chris was asked where he spends most of his time training. He said he's at Longo's just about every day, but he tries to get in to Renzo's at least once a week.

1:49 - He describes beating Anderson Silva as a dream come true. He said that ever since he got into MMA he's wanted to be the guy to beat Anderson, and now it's close to becoming reality.

1:51 - Chris said he thinks that Anderson Silva is P4P the best fighter of all time, but that he deserves to fight him and believes he can win.

1:55 - Says he plans to do ADCC's again one day.

1:56 - Chris was asked if he thought he had the tools to beat Rashad Evans if he dropped to MW. He said he's confident against anyone in the division.

1:57 - Another fat Serra joke. Chris says it's more fun to go out to eat with him than it is to train with him.

1:59 - He was asked if he would be disappointed if Hector Lombard got the title shot and he was made to fight Vitor in Brazil. Chris said he'd love to fight Silva now, but that everything happens for a reason, and he would welcome the fight with Belfort if that's what the UFC chose to do.

2:03 - Silva vs. Weidman at MSG? Chris gets on his soapbox and reminds all of us NYers to get on the horn with our state senators.

2:05 - Chris even sounds dejected through text when asked about the state of judging in the sport. He says that the commissions need to do a better job educating the judges, but that he's confident it'll get better since the sport is still so young.

2:07 - Chris closes the chat with thank yous and a reminder to visit to vote for him to be the new face of Edge Shave Gel. According to him, he's getting smoked lol.

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