Mania Money Pool Season 8 Invitation: This is Your Chance For Greatness



Okay Maniacs. It is the time of the year again when we have that "one" chance to prove that we not only have the nut-sacks, courage and grit to join an important and life-changing league, but that our knowledge of MMA prediction is way way better than Nostradumbass, Patrick Stumberg or unambig.

Yes. In a Daniel Bryan way. Yes. In a Diego Sanchez way. Yes. This is the Season 8 of the Mania Money Pool!

It will start with UFC 150: Henderson vs Edgar II and it will end after 9 more UFC Events.

This season, a lot of Beer has been helping Shivan Tiger clinch the prize. But not to be outdone is Ulf Murphy who is just down 9 points. Yours truly is third after Yan117 forgot that he should pick and Jay being bitten by the sucking at picking-bug once again.

Now this new season is your opportunity to create a new story line for the Money Pool. Now, most of the 2012ers and regular posters here indicated how much they want to be a part of this much sought-after elite membership club. Now is the time to actually show your mettle, grow your balls, and prove to us that you actually have pairs of nutsacks by signing up to join the money pool.

The all important question: How do I join??????

Very simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Create an account at;
  2. Once you have a username, DO NOT, as in DO NOT join any camps yet. If some guy named Kid Nate or BE Civil War tried inviting you, do not accept. They're spams leading you to Planet Romeo or to other sites with an exclusive membership for gusy with small penis trying to be tough (see: Bloody Elbow)
  3. Have your $20 ready. $20 is your entry fee.
  4. Email Commissioner Jay at
  5. In your email put Mania Money Pool as your Subject (This is important so it won't be deleted)
  6. Jay will tell you how you can send your entry fee and he will be the one to invite you.
  7. If you're invited in the Mania1 camp, then you're in.

Now the second important question: How does this fucking pool work??????

Again, it's easier than eating your McDonalds French Fries and Quarter Pounder in 10 minutes.

  1. In a fight, pick the winner. If you correctly guess the winner, you have 5 points.
  2. Correctly pick the round which you think the winner will win, equals 2 points
  3. Correctly pick the method of winning: KO/TKO/Submission/Split Decision/Unanimous: 2 points
  4. If you pick correctly the three above, you get 11 points. Yes. 11 Fucking Points.

Now the third quite important question: Can I trust these fuckers who run the pool????

  1. A fucking Canadian runs the pool. That should be trustworthy enough.
  2. Kidding aside, this pool is as legit as they come. Geno Mrosko once was in the pool and he will testify that this thing is not a fucking scam and winners are paid here!!!!!

The fourth question: How much do I win?????

  • For this season, since we only have 25 players, these are the payouts: 1st prize ($320), 2nd prize ($150) and third prize ($70)
  • Now if we are able to get more than 40 players, then prizes will be up and we will pay event winners. Yes event winners will be paid $20. If you don't know what event winners mean it is simply the one who scored the most number of points per UFC card.

The fifth question: Who were the past competitors and who do I most likely compete in this fucking pool??????

These people will be your toughest competitors for the upcoming Money Pool:

RILLY, SCARNON, Yan117, BNF, Rolandando, Ulf_Murphy, BNF, ShivanTiger, freenow82, ItalianStallion54, ViolentMike, The Pride, goldmouth, rickydooby/sticky fingers, jayw27, sarah, kg12, Deuce02, scarnon, Jido7, Loonz, Phasebook, P-Dub, Agar, unambig, freenow82

This new season will be redemption for these old timers to get back in and fight again:

NNR, Two_Words, Thorazine, tap snap or bons, kevjack115, Scottidog, ANS (now Kinglujan)

I don't want to scare you off but if you think you can outsmart, outwit and outpick these people, then step up to the challenge and enlist now in the Money Pool.

What are the Common Excuses For Not Joining the Pool:

a) Lacking balls and guts: We call this the Bloody Elbow syndrome

b) Just wants to play for free: We call this the Free Pool syndrome

c) No time to play: We call this OJR syndrome (you don't need to devote all your time to win this!!!!)

d) No money: We call this the Cruz-Jackson syndrome (For real??? $20 fucking dollars???)

Who were the Past Winners of This Mania Money Pool?

Season 1: ViolentMike

Season 2: BNF

Season 3: ViolentMike

Season 4: Agar

Season 5: Agar

Season 6: DetroiDrew1980

Season 7: ??? (ongoing, ends on August 4)

Season 8: It Could Be You so Enlist Now (Season starts on UFC 150)

Who Do I Expect To Be In This Season's Money Pool (Don't Let Me Down Brothers)

  1. John Danaher (emailed me already and will definitely join)
  2. SanabriaMan (will definitely join)
  3. donkeypunch (is joining)
  4. (indicated he will join)
  5. U-had_me_at_kimura (emailed Jay)
  6. Ninja Oreo Dollop
  7. Dakatak
  8. CharacterAnalysis
  9. Lesnar's Striking Coach
  10. marcbjr2
  11. Wisetoad
  12. wooly shambler
  13. Oilcheck
  14. Jimrod
  15. Mauiwaves
  16. Starr788
  17. The Chrish
  18. Private Box
  19. Bigger Zino
  20. fosforito11
  21. daftshadow
  22. sadowolf
  23. lordrelay
  24. naturalshadow
  25. scott1
  26. Corey Baiterman
  27. Brian Hemminger
  28. The People's Champ
  29. Fat Daddy doobs
  30. shellyObama
  31. MMA Boss
  32. Ryan Kinsley
  33. syncro
  34. Jorge Hotsauce
  35. BrizzleT
  36. letter19
  37. JonBon Joey
  38. PotofGold
  39. If you're not listed then make yourself available

Suggestions for Success For New Money Poolers:

  • While you're not yet in the Mania Camp, do not join any camp BUT practice making your picks on
  • Try to read Patrck Stumberg, Dallas Winston (BE), unambig, Nostradumbass and see how they make their picks. They sometimes bring gems to your pickings!

Now let's keep this rolling. If you have questions, violent reactions or additional information, please feel free to comment below and let you voices be heard.

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