To Solve a Dilemma



What happens when you have dominant champions in concurrent divisions who have seemingly dispatched most, if not all, of the legitimate contenders?

Don't cry over a superfight (Hey Bjorn, the following are examples of what that term should mean) between Anderson Silvavs. GSP or Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones that will never happen while Lorenzo Fertita, not Dana White, makes all the real business decisions.

Create some mother fucking contenders.

Dan Hardy, Thales Leites, and Vitor Belfort ring a bell? All got completely illegitimate title shots because the UFC was able to saddle the hype train and convince us fans that these men were worthy of facing the cream of the crop by doing very little to earn said title shot, and simply because...there was no one else. (Shut up Holland. Swick wasn't a legit #1 contender either. You can argue that until your "jacked" muscles atrophy, it won't make it true)

Now that 185 is relevant with contenders again, but no one can agree who should fight Silva or if any of them legitimately have a chance of upsetting the Spider, and 205 will be devoid of elite talent that hasn't lost to the champ already once Jonny Bones makes Hendo feel like a 40 year old, even with the massive amounts of legal, synthetic testosterone coursing through his veins, Zuffa will need to come up with a plan to move these divisions forward and the best way to help that along is my favorite division in the history of The Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Riddle me this.

Where does a former champion, who will beat all of your "top contenders" but has lost decisively, twice, to the champion, fight??


Not just for Ace any longer. 195 can create a contender for both Silva and Jones if properly navigated over the following few months, or in my opinion, create an instant contender with just one fight. Drumroll please...

Rashad Evans versus Chael Sonnen fighting at a catch-weight of 195 as a headlining bout on Fox. Neither are gettin a title shot in their current divisions any time soon. Rashad has called out Silva and beleives he can make 185. Chael fought at 205 almost as many times as at 185 (I am too lazy to look it up today).

If Rashad wins, he beats the guy many still consider #2 at 185 and with one victory can make a claim to be a threat to Anderson Silva. If beating Ace at 195 can lead to Vitor Belfort's title shot, why not Shad's?

If Sonnen wins, he beats the guy many still consider #2 at 205, and Bones' toughest test to date, and can make a better claim than the Alexander Gustaffson's and Glover Teixeria's of the world when trying to decide who Bones chokes out after choking out Hendo.

The fans get a fight between elite fighters who would talk an enormous amount of smack and could give us an amazing display of grappling and transitions. The UFC gets a title contender to match up against one of their seemingly unbeatable champions. Fox gets a headlining bout with two of the most recognizable names in the sport.

Win. Win. Win.

Joe it! What say you Maniacs?

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