Michael Bisping: Win over 'fat' Mark Munoz does not make Chris Weidman a contender

LONDON ENGLAND - OCTOBER 16: Michael Bisping of Great Britain celebrates victory against Yoshihiro Akiyama of Japan during their UFC middleweight bout at the O2 Arena on October 16 2010 in London England. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Knock-knock. Who's there?

Why it's none other than Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight contender Michael Bisping, again making his case to contend for number one status to Anderson Silva's 185-pound title. After coming up short in his eliminator match against Chael Sonnen at UFC on Fox 2: "Evans vs. Davis" earlier this year, ending his four-fight win streak, "The Count" has not wavered in his efforts of campaigning for a title shot.

It's rather strange, really, given the fact that he did lose his last fight and usually that means you get sent to the back of the line and maybe have win two or three impressive fights before consideration. Not according to Bisping, who now believes that if Chris Weidman is being considered the number one contender to face "The Spider," then "All American" has to get through him first.

Via his official Twitter account:

"Weidman looked great last night. But no1 contender? If that's the case I want to fight him and prove I'm the number 1 contender. Let's do it."

Weidman opened everyone's eyes last night by defeating top contender mark Munoz with some vicious elbows and punches. Soon after, Internet forums and popular social networks were buzzing with Weidman's performance as were fellow fighters alike, hailing him as the one to pose a real challenge to the Brazilian bomber.

Bisping sees it differently, however, and says that he, too, deserves another chance to prove that he is the number one contender. He already headed a warning that he would be "massivley pissed off" if Hector Lombard received a title shot before him, he might just go over the edge if the next shot is given to the Serra-Longo-trained fighter.

Oh, but the brash Brit didn't stop there, not by a longshot. Make the jump to see what he told Fighters Only about the current state of the UFC's middleweight talent pool and the recent plethora of call outs he has received:

"Yeah it seems like I am the man of the moment right now doesn't it? That's fine by me, I'm a professional fighter and I've not been busy enough lately to be honest so, I will happily fight all three of them - Stann, Weidman and Belcher can all have it. I've got no problem fighting and beating all three of them, either on three consecutive cards or all on one night if they want. Listen, Belcher's getting on my nerves. He keeps saying he has got the style to beat me - what style? No man with a tattoo like that can talk to anyone about style! He's been calling me out for a while now so I'd say to him, when you beat someone other than a pure jiu jitsu guy then call me. Brian Stann I respect, fine, I think we are on collision course and we can have that fight. I'll win. And now Chris Weidman is calling me out. Well, he's on a roll but I don't think a win over a fat Mark Munoz makes you a contender. Especially when Munoz has bounced into the Octagon like he's at a Take That concert and with a haircut that looks like Belcher's tattooist has switched careers. Did that distract him? It distracted me. I couldn't take my eyes off it. What was it supposed to be, do you know? Everyone's talking about Weidman today but I tell you what, we were on the same card in January and I had to switch his fight with Maia off. I was trying to warm up backstage and the fight was putting me to sleep. I wanted to get hyped up and it was like watching paint dry. He looked good last night - or did Munoz look awful? They all seem like nice guys, good luck to them - except Belcher, he's been getting on my nerves so lets not include him [in the good luck wishes] - but I will happily fight them all, no problem. I want to be the champion and I think I am one more win away from a title shot. And any of these guys can be my first defences."

Cocky and funny, dangerous combination.

"The Count" is currently in recuperation from knee surgery, but that hasn't stopped him from filling up his dance card once he is ready and able. There are plenty of challenges waiting for him once he does return, but who should get the nod?

For Bisping, apparently, it doesn't really matter, as long as no one fights Silva next without an audition against him.

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