UFC on FUEL TV 4 results: Chris Weidman knocks out Mark Munoz, calls out Anderson Silva

July 11, 2012; San Jose, CA, USA; Mark Munoz is attended to after being defeated by Chris Weidman (not pictured) in the middleweight bout of the UFC on Fuel TV at HP Pavilion. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE

The headlining bout at the UFC on FUEL TV 4: "Munoz vs. Weidman" event that took place tonight (Wed., July 11, 2012) at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California, featured a middleweight fight pitting Mark Munoz against Chris Weidman with everything on the line.

Munoz outright said he would ask for a title shot against Anderson Silva if he were to emerge victorious and there's definitely an argument to be made for him in the current 185-pound climate. But the same could be said, although to a lesser extent, for Weidman, who came in undefeated and is the man Chael Sonnen pegged as the next challenger. Provided he win tonight, of course.

Did he ever.

Put simply, Weidman owned Munoz in every conceivable way. He dominated the opening round with a takedown and a million submission attempts before winning the standing exchanges in the second, of which there was really only one.

And that's where he did some seriously work.

Munoz rushed in and Weidman timed an elbow like he was Anderson freaking Silva or something that planted "The Filipino Wrecking Machine." He followed up with a ton of punches that destroyed Munoz and that was that.

Afterward, Weidman called out Silva, saying he's ready for a shot at the middleweight champ. I'm down. Are you?

They were tentative early. Weidman unleashed a front kick that missed by a mile and it looked like we could be in for a long night. That is until Weidman feinted and earned a takedown in short order.

He quickly found dominant position on it and had Munoz against the fence looking for a guillotine and then a kimura. He didn't get either but he continued to work from a dominant position.

And then he popped over and locked in another guillotine, with Munoz simply fighting to survive. This hardly looked competitive.

Then Weidman passed to mount and worked yet another guillotine, this one looking tighter. But again, Munoz got out and this time managed to get some distance so he could use the fence to get to his feet.

The horn sounded and a 10-8 score wouldn't have been out of line there.

It took less than 10 seconds for Weidman to get another takedown in the next round. Munoz tried to flip him over but Weidman was winning the fight everywhere it went. Finally, Munoz got to his feet and started unloading bombs, a little too committed to them.

Then Weidman landed a big elbow right when Munoz rushed in and planted him. The follow up shots -- of which there were far too many -- were academic and Chris Weidman looks like the next big thing at 185-pounds.

Remember, too, to check out MMAmania.com's complete coverage of the UFC on FUEL TV 4 event with round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of all the night's action by clicking here.

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