Slim and trim Joey Beltran won't 'freak out' and 'freeze' against James Te Huna at UFC on FUEL TV 4

Photo of Joey Beltran by Josh Hedges for Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight hurter Joey Beltran is getting rid of some extra baggage as he prepares for a second stint under the umbrella of the world's largest mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion.

And that goes deeper than just shedding some skin.

The new and improved light heavyweight was suffering from a bouillabaisse of fear, emotion and anxiety as he stepped inside the Octagon, pressured by the will to win, entertain and provide, rather than just fight.

Those days are over.

After the jump, Beltran talks to about clearing his cache under the care of sports psychologist John Boerski, who was referred by none other than UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz.

Have a look:

"I feel I've not only prepared myself physically, but I was referred to a sports psychologist by Dominick Cruz and Eric Del Fierro by the name of John Boerski. He really helped me put things in perspective and really get back into the whole reason why I'm fighting and who I'm fighting for. For a long time, I got caught up in so much other stuff and get flooded with all these other outside influences in my head as for what I need to do, what has to be done, why, if I don't win I'm not going to make this amount of money, or if I lose I'm going to embarrass all the people. All these emotions and fears were rushing into me literally right before I would walk out to the Octagon is when it would happen. So, I would walk out to the Octagon freaking out and I would get in there and freeze and if you watch my fights, all of my fights in the UFC I'm basically taking punches and getting kicked and be like 'Oh' then I wake up and it ends up being a war and I'm getting stuck in these wars with people. It becomes real entertaining for the fans and everybody likes the way it looks on TV, but I know I've never just gone out there and shown what I have and just laid it down like I know I can."

Beltran, who recently synchronized his mind and body, will now road test the new "Mexicutioner" against hard-hitting Australian slugger James Te Huna in tonight's (July 11, 2012) UFC on FUEL TV 4 event from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California.

And it could be for all the marbles.

That's because Beltran was already released from the promotion once before, after floundering in the 265-pound division, and while he may get a second third look after accepting this fight on short notice, it could depend on how good he looks inside the cage on fight night.

No pressure.

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