Mania Money Pool Results: UFC on FX 3 (Mighty Mouse vs Uncle Creepy)



Joseph Benavidez: UFC Flyweight Champion of the World. Cast it in stone. Mighty Mouse, even though he won tonight showed nothing in his arsenal that could prove he could hang on with Joe B. They might as well hand the belt to Joe B-Wan Kenobi.

And in our own Mania1 camp, there seemed to be no shake-ups in the top 3 but former third place finisher ItalianStallion54, Loonz and P-Dub forgot to pick and might be getting 0 for this event.

Come on people, there are 4 UFC events in June and getting ZERO in an event won't help your cause. And sarah, next time check your FIGHT COMPANION page to see if you miss a pick. You put a KO TKO on Rocha-Pierce and you did not pick a winner.

Without further adieu, let's go straight to the results:


Main Event:

125 lbs.: Demetrious Johnson def. Ian McCall via unanimous decision

Main Card (FX Channel):

170 lbs.: Erick Silva def. Charlie Brenneman via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:33 of round one
170 lbs.: Mike Pyle def. Josh Neer via knockout at 4:56 of round one
145 lbs.: Eddie Wineland def. Scott Jorgensen via knockout at 4:10 of round two

Preliminary Card (FUEL TV):

170 lbs.: Mike Pierce def. Carlos Eduardo Rocha via split decision
170 lbs.: Seth Baczynski def. Lance Benoist via split decision
145 lbs.: Matt Grice def. Leonard Garcia via unanimous decision
135 lbs.: Dustin Pague def. Jared Papazian via submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:21 of round one
155 lbs.: Tim Means def. Justin Salas via TKO (strikes) at 1:06 of round one
185 lbs.: Buddy Roberts def. Caio Magalhaes via unanimous decision

Preliminary Card (Facebook):

155 lbs.: Henry Martinez def. Bernardo Malgalhaes via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Sean Pierson def. Jake Hecht via unanimous decision

Mania 1 Camp:

  • An astounding 68% (17 out of 25 people) picked Uncle Creepy to be able to set up the proverbial "mouse trap" and face Joe B-Wan Kenobi in the Flyweight belt scrap. Unfortunately, not only did the mouse "burned down the house" for the 17 hopefuls, it gave 8 people points for picking up the correct winner in Mighty Mouse. Ricardo Dooby, Yan 117, kg12, goldmouth, Jido7, Amos14, Agar, got 11 points for the fight with Rilly getting 5 points.
  • Riding from his glory days of Papazian hanging in there with Mike Easton, 75% of the camp (18 people) gave the nod to Jared Papazian to get past TUF scrub Dustin Pague. Unfortunately Dustin's Disciples (6 people in the camp) that includes ShivanTiger, Joben, Rilly, Yan117, Jido7, and Deuce02 hanged tightly with his nuts and got points for Pague submitting Papazian.
  • Rule no. 3 on picking fights: Whenever Mike Pierce fights, pick a split decision. The guy wins and loses on split decisions. 78% (18 people) picked Pierce to grind out a decision and grind he did scoring a unanimous decision over Te Danado who was picked by 5 people in the camp.
  • Two Magalhaes on the card? No problem., Both lost by decisions but with Trekko losing a very narrow split decision.
  • 17 people nailed the hot bout for this event as Buddy Roberts scored a unanimous decision victory over Caio Magalhaes.
  • 6 people picked Vinny's brother to win. Vinny himself cannot win, why trust his brother to win?
  • 3 people picked Trekko to win over Martinez. Heggerty summarized it best: Magalhaes shoots, grabs a leg, but Martinez just looks impossible to take down.
  • Only 1, Yes, ONLY ONE from the camp gave Eddie Wineland a chance against Mr. Pigment. Rilly picked Wineland to decision Jorgensen and boy did he score 5 points. Majority, if not all, picked Jorgensen to grind out a decision. It is the correct decision until fight time because Jorgensen has the wrestling advantage and could grind out a decision. Unfortunately, Wineland, most of us are forgetting, is a former WEC champion and he packs power evidenced by that jab, cross, hook that knocked Jorgensen out of his consciousness.
  • 16 people picked Mike Pyle to win against Diaz-mentored and dentist Josh Neer. I never expected Pyle to knock him out but boy that counter punch flat faced Neer. Sorry Andrew, you changed your pick, your pride gets you ZERO for this fight.
  • 67% or 16 people picked Seth to win. And he did win rounds 2 and 3 and he caused Benoist (no not the Crippler!) to bleed.
  • 17 people gave Leonard Garcia the nod to win against Wolverine with 6 people picking Grice. Yes Andrew (The Pride) you get 11 points for this fight. One of the rare times Badboy did not deceive the judges' eyes scoring-wise.
  • 4 people gave The Spaniard the way of the wrestlefuck and win against Silva. Well, 20 people believed otherwise and Charlie wasn't able to wrestle Silva into oblivion as he fell to the rear naked choke after turtling like Brock Lesnar.
  • 19 people gave Jake Hecht the nod to beat the Canadian policeman. Hecht, though, as we found out is a one-elbow wonder.
  • Tim Mean is a mean fighter. That big left hook that lands square on the temple was the beginning of the end for Salas and the 8 people that picked him. Yes, I am looking at both of you Shivan and Pride.

The Scores:

  • We have a new name atop the event winning circle and he is Kevin Garnett 21 kg12 who came in first (1st) and scored an astonishing 82 points picking 9/12 correct fights. kg12 got perfect scores from DJ, Roberts and Grice. What set kg12 apart is the fact that he got four scores of 7 on Silva, means, Martinez and Means. Good work kg12. As you said, "it's about time."
  • Redeeming himself from 4 events where sarah scored better than him, fellow Darksider and DetroitDrew protege Jido made a name for himself in this event by garnering 2nd place scoring 76 points on 7/12 correct picks. Wow, only seven correct picks and yet scoring 76? Here's how Jido did it: he got perfect scores on 4 of those 7 correct picks. Landing the hot bout also helped his cause. Darkside rising. Keep it up.
  • Coming in third is our rookie who loves turtle necks and tight jeans. Whoops. Joben proved this event that he can hang with the best even if his picking skills in sig bets were as good as the Toronto Raptors' winning percentage. Joben scored 75 points this event correctly picking 8/12 correct fights. He got full points on Pague, Roberts, and Pierson. Keep the winning numbers Jobena nd you might be rookie of the year (which means nothing unless you get to 1st, 2nd or 3rd overall after 10 events.)

Bed Shitter of the Event Award:

  • For three events now, Deuce02 has been getting this award. With the way things are going Deuce, you might as well have this award patented to your name. Deuce miserably scored 17 points only picking 3 out of 12 correct fights. kg12 will have the privilege of giving you your sig of shame.

The Rest of the Scores:

Camp Rank Points Player Picks
1 82 kg12 View Picks
2 76 Jido7 View Picks
3 75 Joben View Picks
4 73 goldmouth View Picks
5 69 BNF View Picks
6 65 Rilly View Picks
7 64 Yan117 View Picks
7 64 Ulf_Murphy View Picks
9 61 wyldeman99 View Picks
10 59 ShivanTiger View Picks
11 58 Phasebook View Picks
12 57 jayw27 View Picks
13 53 sarah- View Picks
13 53 Amos14 View Picks
15 47 Agar View Picks
16 46 ViolentMike View Picks
17 41 ricky-dooby View Picks
18 39 scarnon View Picks
18 39 Dlocc View Picks
18 39 thepride View Picks
21 37 Rolandando View Picks
22 34 unambig View Picks
23 30 freenow82 View Picks
24 17 Deuce02 View Picks
25 7 JohnnyWF View Picks

The camp scores after 5 events:

  • There was no shakeup in the 1 to 4th place


MMA Playground season 13: The 13th Warrior
5 / 10 events complete








+/- 0




+/- 0




+/- 0




+/- 0























Ricky Dooby





























+/- 0








































+/- 0

  • There were no movements in tops 1-4 and I hope it will stay that way. If that's the result I will just wait for jay to shit the bed and I will take 3rd place. One goal at a time.
  • kg12 winning the event propelled him 5 places and is now in 5th place after 5 events. He is just 3 points shy of being ties with yours truly. Gonna up my game.
  • The biggest ladder climb was done by goldmouth as he moved 8 places to reach the top 10.
  • Jido also moved 6 places and is now number 14.
  • unambig and scarnon might have one of the best trashtalking rivalry during the last event but both of them showed signs of fatigue as unambig slipped 7 places while Australian pride scarnon slipped 5 places.
  • Ricardo Dooby used to be in 5th place but miserably slipped 4 places after 2 miserable scores the last two events.
  • Joben, Rilly, Agar and Amos 14 picked up two notches above.
  • ItalianStallion54 registered the biggest fall down this event as he forgot to make his picks and as a result Mr. Balboa dropped 7 places to now be at number 21.
  • I can't imagine Deuce still getting lower by a notch. I though you're rock bottom already. Pick it up Deuce.
  • dlocc and freenow went 3 notches below their previous rankings.
  • unambig, you have been going down the drain. I will now begin to question your picks if you did not pick it up next event.
  • Finally, ViolentMike has completely taken the Tim Sylvia route as he is now down to Ricardo Dooby by 1 event still. He also was disposed off outside the top 10. Kyu and Mot have never been good influences to you. Stop being their number one fan.

Event Winners:

  • Event 1: unambig
  • Event 2: ShivanTiger
  • Event 3: ricky dooby
  • Event 4: ShivanTiger
  • Event 5: kg12

Maniacs By the Books:

  • Pierce never wins decisions - unambig
  • Neer has been fighting well lately, He is still young at only 29. Pyle has been showing his age over his last few fights. Me thinks he is best to retire. - ShivanTiger
  • oh and Ulf, i changed my Pyle pick after thinking about it for a while, i decided that i dont think Pyle can grind out Neer without getting finished. his defense sucks(both striking and on ground) and Neer is a muthafucking Diaz Bro. He will land something painful- The Pride
  • Garcia wins this easily. He never should have been elevated to fight some of the gys he does, bu the beatdown by Huerta cemented him as a fan favorite, so he got fights he didn’t deserve and then he got generous judging. Grice is not on his level yet. - Ulf Murphy
  • I got Hecht by UD. so unsure of this pick. Pierson is not good, but hecht hasnt looked either. - The Pride
  • it was too easy of a main event to pick. i wish the rest of the card was that easy. - sticky fingers

That's a wrap. Comments section is all yours Maniacs!

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