MMA is on the brink of another surge in growth as far as both popularity and quality

MMA as we know it is about to hit fast forward much like it did just before the WEC joined the UFC and super cards became common-place. The sport we know and love is experiencing the calm before the storm of further evolution and Ill tell you why.

The gene pool of athletes is becoming less and less exclusive to just the main stream sports. Physical specimens are making the transition to not only MMA early but also from other sports to MMA later on. Instead of sticking with basketball or football , genetic anomalies are making their mark in MMA more and more. Also great athletes are transitioning from wrestling and boxing into various martial arts and MMA. After the jump Ill provide some examples and show the immediate impact they've had and or success they have attained.

The fact that better and better athletes are coming to MMA or starting MMA early means a few things and also requires a few things.

Implications of freak athletes making up a larger % of fighters at the highest levels of MMA.

1.) The training for other fighters will have to be enhanced in order to keep up resulting in better fighters and less 'off' nights.

2.) Crazier more exciting highlights to not only promote cards to die hard fans but to also make it into the sportscenter top 10 and or mainstream sport highlight reels. This creates more positive attention and results in larger revenue in many ways for the MMA promotions.

3.) More intriguing match ups that will negate the redundancy of such arguments like wrestling is always better than judo and muay thai is the karate killer and greco roman is better than catch wrestling for MMA and so forth .

4.) weaker cards are now good cards regardless of experience.

5.) records will mean more instead of bitching about winning streaks because they were against 'cans' or no namers.

6.) It will be easier for such athletes to assimilate more facets of martials arts from all styles etc and create their own way instead of the cookie cutter wrestler with some muay thai and various chokes.

7.) better athletes create better camps for all fighters and new fighters to attend.

8.) last but not least the new wave brings a new face to MMA over all which is cleaner more distinguished individuals. Not Roy nelson the Larry the cable guy of mma and mediocre fighters who don't make up for the fact that they look like convicts or street punks with their skills and performances.

Things that need to happen to acclimate the MMA world for this next step in the evolution of MMA as a sport and not just and entertainment form.

1.) fights need better judges - horrible judging isn't a joke and it should be tolerated from anyone.

2.) refs need to ref the fight for fairness , safety , and also for the fans . Lay and pray needs to be erased.

3.) up-kicks should be allowed to make the playing field more even since getting a blanket weighing the same or possibly more than you that wont let go off of you is pretty damn exhausting and annoying. The fans and fighters want a fight not a test of grip strength and hugging prowess.

4.) Sudden deaths for draws and new round or time format to encourage better and faster exchanges.

5.) a substance screening program that makes sense . IMO it should be based on levels determined by a third party as safe and reasonable which allows for fighters to have freedom without too much or too little. Testing should be done on levels and not by substance as pertaining to performance enhancers . Narcotics etc should still be completely illegal and inexcusable. By testing for levels and not substances I mean that various levels should be tested rather than blood and urine for chemicals injected or taken to give the fighters some freedom on what they feel is safe for them or not safe for them while also keeping an eye on the levels of certain hormones etc to make sure that fighters are healthy and primed and that the playing field is pretty damn fair.

IMO testing should be done as follows . 2 weeks before the fight, the day before and just after the fight test for levels of the following

1.) free testosterone

2.) EPO levels

3.) IGF-1 levels

4.) norepinephrine and epinephrine levels

And last but not least a clear and concise format on which judges are looking for and favoring in different areas of the fight for the fans and also the fighters to know and understand completely.

Now follow me after the jump to look at some freak athletes that have made the transition to MMA or have made their way to the top !!

as much as i dislike the guy - jon jones is the new wave of mma greatness and like it or not a lot of it is his genes . Hes a phenom.



this is an obvious example - he could be good at anything he set his mind too



a boxer who has made mma his home with rediculous speed and coordination



the speed that this guy has for his size is insane



this guy is a soccer wiz and an insane athlete especially for his weight class



his mark on the sport was short lived but damn what a freak



a perfect example of an athlete with a ridiculous training regimen



this speaks for itself



imo the best athlete in the hw division



such a complete athlete



shambler vs mitrione in the windy city !!



There are many more examples and thoughts pertaining to this subject so have at it maniacs , lemme know what you think about the fighters and my points and also if I missed some things that you all have been saying .

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