Randy Couture comfortable with staying retired but should he contemplate a comeback?

PHOENIX - AUGUST 13: Randy Couture speaks with the media during the Strikeforce Challengers Main Card bout at Dodge Theater on August 13 2010 in Phoenix Arizona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Randy Couture is 48-years-old but, not unlike Brett Favre, we just can't get rid of him. Or at least we can't stop talking about him.

Of course, the reason for that is both men remained stunningly capable of performing their respective jobs far later in their careers than most. Favre managed to take a team to within a field goal of a Super Bowl while dealing with a banged up body and the irreversible effects of aging. Couture's feat was arguably just as impressive.

That's because the man known as "Captain America" spent his career in the hurt business, a 14-year run avoiding knockouts (sometimes not) and bone crunching submissions against some of the world's most elite ass-kickers.

He sustained enough damage to last a lifetime but not so much that a comeback is out of the picture. Indeed, if the right situation presented itself, why would not give it one more go? It's his passion, after all.

Couture recently addressed this very issue on an episode of UFC Tonight (via MMAWeekly) and while he's not exactly slamming the door shut, he's also not jumping at the idea of packing up his gearbag.

"I can't think of (a reason to return). I am pretty happy and comfortable with the decision I made. I am enjoying perusing the acting roles I am getting."

Staying busy is the easiest way of dealing with various forms of loss and with Couture doing his thing in Hollywood and finding new and interesting avenues of revenue, there's no point in taking his body through the rigors of an MMA training camp.

That's without even mentioning the fight itself.

But there's an interesting situation that has presented itself. The Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix tournament has ended with Daniel Cormier defeating Josh Barnett to win the title. But both men have another fight left to satisfy with the San Jose based promotion.

Against who? No one knows. No one can tell. That's because the list of viable opponents is short and severely lacking interesting options.

Who more interesting than "The Natural?"

It should be noted that he hasn't been asked to come back for a fight against Cormier or Barnett but is there a single Maniac who doesn't think it's at least a viable idea?


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