MMAmania Fantasy Draft ***UPDATED***



Last night i was pretty damn bored andwas trying to find a way to spruce up my MMAmania experience because this place is addictive.

I do not like the idea of betting just on fights and especially taking the way/round, to those who have garnered a game in it, kudos-you're better than me. I wanted to have each fight card mean something a little more and I hate seeing this in threads "I told he would win, I called it" and yet you know along with many other that guy would win.Why not pick a fighter and stick to him, regardless?.

So here is what I am proposing brothers and Sarah-

  • Pick a fighter in each weight class in the UFC
  • Earn 5 points for a finish win, 3 points for a division win, 1 point for a draw and of course 0 for a loss, in case you are retarded
  • If your fighter earns a title fight-5 points extra
  • If your fighter becomes a champion, add on 10 points to the 5 point win
    (ex. Chael Sonnen defeating Anderson Silva is a 15 point win instead of a 5 point win)
  • If your fighter is 'cut' you get minus 5 points but you may pick another fighter.

I am not sure if we could do a live draft or I'll create an email account and you pick as you want. I would really like a lot of diversity so that each card has something extra for the Maniacs'Comment below and tell me what you are liking, hating and what you propose. Side bets would be fine but this is just for bragging rights for those interested in playing a fun free game.


This will be done by emailing me your lists of fighters (1 per each weight class). I strongly feel flyweight should be put in this season. The UFC recently announced that the first show in July will be their 'Wrestlemania'. I will accept all entries prior to UFC 148 and we will re-do drafting come post next years July show.

-Can't not select current world champions as of June 29th, 2012
-Interim champions are allowed but see Points/Bonus Point rulesto see how they'd be scored should they win against the champion.
-Wildcard Fighter:You may use a selection on a Bellator fighter if the tournament has not started. You'd have to drop your division slecetion in the UFC for the Bellator fighter, when the Bellator tournament ends you may select any waived fighter or you may offer points to another contestant for their fighter.


5 points for a win by finish (Knockout, Submission, TKO or TKO (Cut) )
3 points for a decision win
1 point for a draw


10 points for a championship win (5 points ontop if it's a stoppage, no 3 points extra for a decision win)
1 point for a "Of The Night Bonus"

-If you pick a current number contender, you will not receive the bonus 10 points as that is unfair to people not being cheapos and taking Chael Sonnen or Frankie Edgar.

WILDCARD (Bellator) Selection Points:

Let's say you want to roll the dice on a Bellator tournament fighter, you can but beware. You can choose ONE fighter prior to a tournament's start. You cannot have a UFC middleweight and a Bellator middleweight, you would have to drop your UFC middleweight (lose no points up to date). The scoring is as follows:

Opening round win-2
Semi-Final win-4
Finals win-6
Championship win-10

The Ctach, if you lose the championship round you lose your tournament win points so (-6) and keep your opening and semi final points.


Waiver wire-You have to waive your divsiion fighter for Bellator/Wildcard fighter. (Ex. Ulf Murphy waives Charlie Brennanman for Ben Saunders). You lose no points that Brennanman earned. When the tournament ends you must either chose a waived/unselected fighter or offer points in a trade.
'Daniel Cormier Rule'- As you are aware, SF grand prix winner Daniel Cormier is coming and a lot of people seem to be thinking he could do big things. If Cormier comes a bidding war will happen for any and all new signees, rule is you would have to forfeit the division fighter you have and points. The highest bidder and winner will be determined by points not the fighter. If you really want Cormier you could do this: Ulf and VM are bidding and Ulf reallyw nats DC, he could offer Mike 10 points and his current fighter (Struve) for VM backing down, if VM likes Ulf's HW more than his own, he'd waive his-takes Ulf's Struve pic and Ulf would have DC + give up half of what he was bidding point wise)
Trades- Trades are negotiated privately or through trading block (public announcement)

Email is

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