UFC 'fires' Carlos Eduardo Rocha after 15 minutes of 'bulls**t' from Mike Pierce

Is this man responsible for Carlos Eduardo Rocha's UFC release? Photo of Mike Pierce by Kelvin Kuo via US PRESSWIRE.

After going 1-2 under the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) banner, Brazilian submission specialist Carlos Eduardo Rocha has been asked to pack up his desk and hit the bricks.

He no like.

"Ta Danado" was last seen getting pushed around by welterweight wrestler Mike Pierce, who slugged and tugged his way to a unanimous decision win at the UFC on FX 3 event earlier this month in Florida. It was the second straight time judges ruled against him, as Rocha came up short in a split decision loss to Jake Ellenberger at UFC 126 in early 2011.

But that's not what irks him.

No, the real issue, or "bullshit," surround the promotion's decision to give him the heave-ho after Pierce assumed the rule of point fighter in their 170-pound affair in the "Sunshine State."

Those comments, via Tatame.com, after the jump.

"I went there to fight MMA and he wants to win by points. There were 15 minutes of pure mooring. This is bullshit. And UFC fires me after a fight where the guy just stood there mooring. I had good performances and even so I was cut off. I didn’t expect this. Wasn’t him the one who said he’d fight any Brazilian because it’s an easy fight? I thought he could come for me but he didn’t. He didn’t attack me on the clinch, he didn’t hit me nor let me hit him. That’s not MMA."

Here's a sample from the first round of their fight from our own Kevin Haggerty:

Two minutes left. Jump front kick by Rocha. Pierce charges in, ducks down and tries for a double leg takedown, but is unable to finish. Pierce settles for a tie up on the fence. Knees from Pierce, who keeps grinding this one out, trying to wear him down. Less than a minute to go. Pierce gets the double leg and is able to secure it this time, blasting Rocha to the mat. Again, Pierce lets him back up. So far, it seems like Pierce is content to use takedowns for points. 10-9 Pierce.

Well Maniacs, you've seen the evidence and (hopefully) watched the fight. Anyone think Rocha was cut prematurely? Or were there circumstances behind the scene, perhaps, that led to him getting tossed?

Opinions, please.

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