FreePool Results (TUF15 Finale)


The dreaded TUF Finale.

It has finally arrived, like an unloved mother in-law. For many, this is the single event when we collectively think, ''OH SHIT!''. It's the event of the season where we only know the headliners. When we draw names from a hat and pray for the best. Blindly making picks from records alone or doing a last minute research from hastily downloaded TUF episodes. It's a make or break event, one that need's to be capitalized on.

But for some...

It's a just reward. A rewarding ending for those who have followed it from the start. The final, the answer, the end. So those who have followed the whole season have another reward, knowledge. They know the fighters, the history, the inside story that many of us don't have. And that could be rewarded with big points!


TUF 15.

Tonight's event showcased a fair bit of talent, and a fair amount of piss poor fighters who wont be back. With an event that only produced two decisions in 10 fights, it just shows how much progress has been made in the mma world. Submission finishes and T/ko finishes were equal with 40% each. That's a huge improvement on overall finish percentages, thank fuck for that too. I'm talkin absolute shite now at this stage ffs.

Actually, make a point of telling me that I'm wrong, but I think that skeletal chick ref made the right call to stop that arm from breakin. Tap or snap I know, but maybe not anymore!?

The loser of this event can look forward to a sig of the winners choosing!

Let's just see how we all did bitches!!

In 3rd place we have:



With his previous best being joint 4th, Fulch takes down 3rd place with 50 points. Whoever comes 3rd with only 50% of his picks correct, is a lucky fucker. That's right, half his picks were wrong. Yet he took 3rd with only 2 perfect picks, (Hot-bout and Oliveira).

Gangster stole 3rd,

In the runner-up spot:



Making his debut in the top 3 of an event and securin 2nd spot was Stazza with 54 points. He managed this with a more respectable 8/10 correct. Of these correct picks, only one was perfect, and it wasn't the hot-bout. The perfect was the Lawrence fight and scored 10 in the hot-bout.

Undisputed winner:



(Insert fake name here) wins tonight event with a not so spectacular, but definitive, score of 59 points. With 6 out of 12 corrects predictions, 3 of those were perfect. With 11 points taken from Sicilia and Cruickshank, he also aced the hot bout to make sure of top spot and top 3 for the 3rd time in 4 events. That's the consistency of a champion.

Well done.

Shit picker!

This week's shit picker award goes to McRad. Deciding to pick only 3 bouts, he failed miserably, get absolutely fuck all points. None, zero, nil. 0/3 predictions = 0 points awarded, shit picker award, and a shity new sig from ??(the winner???


Generally, the hot scores were quite poor tonight lads, especially compared to last week. To realise the importance of the hot-bout just look at who finished 4th .With a score of 49 with 8/10 correct picks, IrishKev finished 4th, by a single point. Just 14 on this would have won the event for him. Aw well, tough shit Kev!


Event results!

Camp Rank Points Player Picks
1 59 Grimreapers View Picks
2 55 Stazza View Picks
3 50 fulch View Picks
4 49 IrishKev View Picks
5 46 karpentero View Picks
6 44 thunderdownunder View Picks
7 41 CDSmid View Picks
7 41 letstalkmma View Picks
9 39 Thorazine_ View Picks
10 38 MrGrapplefan View Picks
11 36 wolfman13 View Picks
11 36 scott1 View Picks
13 35 tr8k View Picks
14 34 Bons_210309 View Picks
14 34 marcbjr2 View Picks
16 30 liverpoolsnxt View Picks
16 30 Raymondo View Picks
18 29 Aussie View Picks
19 26 PotOfGold View Picks
19 26 ThePeoplesChamp View Picks
21 15 Aiden08 View Picks
22 14 Larry View Picks
23 0 McRad View Picks

Season standings!

Tonight's biggest impovers were IrishKev and the event runner-up, Stazza. Both had moved up the chart by 7 places, but fail to make any difference on the top 3.

The biggest loser does not go to our shit picker, but instead, its goes to Larry who slid by 8 places!

MMA Playground season 13: The 13th Warrior
4 / 10 events complete
Rank Points Player Movement
1 273 Grimreapers

4e09118c62e4008171b5f3717fb20f66_medium +/- 0

2 249 karpentero

4e09118c62e4008171b5f3717fb20f66_medium +/- 0

3 223 CDSmid

Df94f278533fb567a3fc0692f227aabf_medium +1

3 223 Raymondo

4e09118c62e4008171b5f3717fb20f66_medium +/- 0

4 208 thunderdownunder

Df94f278533fb567a3fc0692f227aabf_medium +3

5 206 ThePeoplesChamp

4e09118c62e4008171b5f3717fb20f66_medium +/- 0

6 200 Aussie

4e09118c62e4008171b5f3717fb20f66_medium +/- 0

7 197 IrishKev

Df94f278533fb567a3fc0692f227aabf_medium +7

8 195 Thorazine_

Df94f278533fb567a3fc0692f227aabf_medium +1

9 193 MrGrapplefan

Df94f278533fb567a3fc0692f227aabf_medium +1

10 190 scott1

Df94f278533fb567a3fc0692f227aabf_medium +1

11 186 letstalkmma

Df94f278533fb567a3fc0692f227aabf_medium +4

12 184 Stazza

Df94f278533fb567a3fc0692f227aabf_medium +7

13 183 liverpoolsnxt

02da8ec83f70c227e9c41d0dc21ca5aa_medium -1

14 179 Bons_210309

Df94f278533fb567a3fc0692f227aabf_medium +1

15 173 wolfman13

Df94f278533fb567a3fc0692f227aabf_medium +1

16 172 tr8k

02da8ec83f70c227e9c41d0dc21ca5aa_medium -1

16 172 Larry

02da8ec83f70c227e9c41d0dc21ca5aa_medium -8

17 161 PotOfGold

4e09118c62e4008171b5f3717fb20f66_medium +/- 0

18 157 fulch

Df94f278533fb567a3fc0692f227aabf_medium +3

19 149 McRad

02da8ec83f70c227e9c41d0dc21ca5aa_medium -6

20 147 Aiden08

02da8ec83f70c227e9c41d0dc21ca5aa_medium -2

21 142 marcbjr2

02da8ec83f70c227e9c41d0dc21ca5aa_medium -2

Will double check all this when I'm sober.
Good luck to Wolfman tonight, and congrats to ShavanTiger for breakin into top 4 for all of Playground!

Season long 20 quid side bet league standings.

Sittin pretty at the bottom, 100 quid down the pan so far. What a fuckin Prick!

  • Jay 267 POINTS
  • Karpentero 249 POINTS
  • Raymondo. 223 POINTS
  • Thorazine 195 POINTS
  • Rolandando 189 POINTS
  • (Bons_210309) 179 POINTS
  • X
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