Video: 'Fight Church' Documentary Film Tackles Faith and MMA

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The issue of religion, faith and Christianity has made its way into the headlines of mixed martial arts (MMA) many times, and for many reasons, some good some ... not so good. As a "Born Again" Christian myself, I obviously have strong opinions regarding the matter.

However, like many of you, I have also cringed when many fighters seem to flippantly throw their faith around, as if God actually jumped in the Octagon for them and beat the other guy up. Not to mention, the fighters, (many of which I root for) that proudly boast of their "Jesus Mojo" -- then proceed to act like a drunken fool.

With that said, I'm not really interested in rehashing all of that ... at least for now.

The new documentary film FIGHT CHURCH claims to actually explore and debate the argument that is taking place among some Christians today. That being the question of whether MMA directly conflicts with Christianity. I have been asked this numerous times, and for the record, I do not believe it does.

The film is produced by Eben Kostbar and Joseph McKheeler (The Hammer). It captures several pastors heavily involved in the fight game, and some (even one ex fighter) that can't, or won't reconcile their faith with the violence.

Oddly enough, the film even includes some commentary from the MMA opposition forces in New York

It looks interesting enough and I will probably see it out of curiosity, although I really dont think too many "Christians" really care all that much either way. I think most Americans of all faiths, have largely accepted the idea of violence in sports. In the end, it may all be a bit cheeky, but it's an interesting debate nonetheless. Of course, if you just hate all things "Jesus" or think we're all a bunch of nutjobs.

You'll probably enjoy it as well!

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