UFC Hall of Fame...what does it take?

The recent announcement putting Tito Ortiz into the UFC Hall of Fame should not be even the slightest shock to anyone. Bare with me here. The Huntington Beach bad boy has made boatloads of money for the UFC, set record setting PPV numbers, and had some of the most epic rivalries in MMA history. Let's not forget he gave us plenty of ammunition to talk about between "cracking his skull", routinely putting his foot in his mouth, and marrying the most recognized porn star of our generation. Sure, Tito has had some trouble over the past few make that 6 years, but in his prime Tito was an always polarizing character. A character that beat many of the very best fighters in the world and helped catapult the UFC to where it is today.

All of that was not the point though, it just got me to thinking. What does it really require to be Hall of Fame worthy? Should a fighter be required to have won or defended a belt? Fought a minimum number of times? Perhaps it's just someone who made a notable impact on the sport? Continue reading to explore some worthy/ridiculous considerations...

Dana White and the Fertittas

Rachelle Leah and Arianny Celeste

Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski

Tank Abbott and Marvin Eastman

Hell with it, let's really throw a bunch of names out there:

Rashad, Forrest, KenFlo, Faber, Kos, Diego, Joe Rogan, Eddie Bravo, Hamill, Hendo, Leben, Roger Huerta, The Crow, Lytle, Lyoto, War Machine, Miletich, GSP, Ando, Brock, Big Nog, BJ, CroCop, Pettis, Wandy, Vitor, Shogun, Rampage, Fedor, Serra, Carano, Shonie, Bonner, Sherk, Evan Tanner, Torres, Trigg, Pulver, The Truth, Edgar, Franklin, JBJ, Mir

How elite should the Hall of Fame be? There are currently 7 well deserving fighters, and Mask. We know Tito will be #8. Who should the next 7 be?

Go ahead and pick your top 5 or 10 from the list, add anyone I missed, and tell us who really belongs in the HOF and why.

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