UFX On Fox 3 free Poll results

Ahhight, apparently Tap is MIA this weekend, hope its all good with u brother? never done this before and have brutal grammer but will try to get some info out there. Sorry in advance for a lack of pazzaz, pictures and whatever else is missing......Im new!

Not much happened on friday that shouldnt have, only a couple things surprized me, hot bout being Roberts Rocha and Jorgenson getting lit up, he never got in the fight. That said either Did Justin Salas lol, picked him to grind out a 3 rnd UD and boy did he get smoked, pretty sure the "dirty bird" had close to 100% strikes landed in that one, that was a learning experience for Justin :) Neer/Pyle was abit of a disappointment, good win, great KO but wanted to see that one go longer, those two can really put on a show. Bacsynski got lucky IMO Benoist pretty much controlled that fight. Seths reaction in the cage after would state that he felt lucky as well. Mcall/Johnson pretty much went exactly how it should have with Demitrious just being way to fast and active for Ian to get anything off or going.

Thorazine took 1st with 84 points, grice and wineland got it done for you man.

IrishKev took 2nd with 65 points not bad considering he didnt pick the main event? was that some sort of "out of the box" strategy or did u just forget? My forgetfullness got me a sweet new sig.......Liverpoolsnxt WERE U AT??????

McRad (me) took 3rd with 64 points, its amazing what happens when u actually make ur picks. Still sucked but can now shed the shitpicker label, again LIVERPOOLSNXT WERE U AT?

Shitpicker award will go to liverpoolsnxt who did manage tp pick one fight............wrong!! If u would like I can get u in contact with Geno, he gives a mean innner thigh rub! admittance is the first step: i was at Geno's, I dont have kids and I hate golf :)

1 84 Thorazine_ View Picks
2 65 IrishKev View Picks
3 64 McRad View Picks
4 62 Stazza View Picks
5 59 karpentero View Picks
5 59 Grimreapers View Picks
5 59 scott1 View Picks
8 55 wolfman13 View Picks
9 54 tr8k View Picks
10 48 letstalkmma View Picks
11 46 PotOfGold View Picks
12 40 marcbjr2 View Picks
13 36 fulch View Picks
14 35 Aiden08 View Picks
15 34 thunderdownunder View Picks
16 33 Raymondo View Picks
17 30 Aussie View Picks
18 27 Bons_210309 View Picks
19 22 CDSmid View Picks
20 0 liverpoolsnxt View Picks

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