LSC's 1-2 on recent MMA news


What a show!

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) held this little show called UFC ON FOX 3! and my god was it ever a good showcasing.

Here's where a little saying i have fits "Fighter's make the fight, not the name" and in that we have a tragedy. We saw four very good fights and from what i hear the ratings were the lowest for the UFC on FOX series thus far. It seems like with Junior Dos Santos or Rashad Evans people believe they were getting inferior fights.

Wrong, jackasses

Oh and by the way, has anyone seen Pat Barry's brain? I swear to god that if the UFC held a combine and wonderlic test on strategy...Pat Barry would be deemed retarded.

Stay tuned Maniac's

Pat Barry:

This sport has some of the best athletes but at times the moves made by them in the Octagon makes you laugh. Chael Sonnen laying in Brazilian guards, Bisping circling right and Pat Barry thinking he was a submission fighter. The bread and butter of Pat Barry is leg kicks, brutal leg kicks and then mixing his fists.

Lavar Johnson, like Mirko Cro Cop showed how dumb Pat can get in the heat of the moment. At UFC 115, Pat Barry amazed us in his UFC 'Primietime' showcasing and we thought we were seeing Cro Cop 2.0 about to slay the kick boxer prototype.

God, how wrong we were.

Pat Barry did light up Cro Cop early and looked like we were seeing another fighter bash the Croatian. Barry said that his hero was Cro Cop and it showed with a hug. Late in the final stanza. Cro Cop would do something only a crazy betting man would say he saw coming..a Cro Cop choke (Or was it a Barry choke?)

So, i have seen some Maniacs suggest that Barry should move to light heavyweight but is his size an issue at all? Did Crop Cop or Pat Barry beat him due to size? Did Stefan Struve strangle him due to size?


Pat Barry is an exciting fighter and like Dan hardy it has nothing to do with weight class, reach or anything anatomically. It is just a question of skill set and fighter IQ in my opinion. Pat Barry started as a kick boxer who wanted to do MMA likely due to the money in it, no shame there.

I guess Pat Barry will get one more fight but even with a win, does anyone see him getting that much better?. I don't see Barry finally 'getting it' and he is what he is.

Nate Diaz vs. Jim Miller:

I remember when i first watched Nate Diaz on TUF and couldn't stand his voice or assumed he was Nick Diaz' punk little brother. I was very wrong and for a long time i have to admit that Nate Diaz has impressed me.

I know, I know I saw that thrashing Rory McDonald gave him at UFC 129 but that he isn't his weight class. At lightweight he is a whole different animal it appears. He smashed Takanori Gomi in stunning fashion at UFC 135 last September and just choked out one of the toughest SOB's in Jim Miller.

He smashed Gomi, beat up Donal Cerrone and stopped Jim Miller and people want to knock him as the number one contender. Who has done more at lightweight outside Edgar or Henderson?, no one. It's about time we get some fresh blood at the top.

Nate Diaz is showing how valuable a mentor can be as he is making the correct adjustments and choices Nick doesn't seem to. Nate is no longer that punk little brother but now a legit fighter beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Brian Stann:

A rather genius move on behalf of the UFC was placing Brian Stann on the commentary team with Randy Couture. Stann, reeks of charisma and to sell him as the next headliner versus Hector Lombard.

Stann was unfazed and seemed like a pro while past guests Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar were reaching to get themselves over. I use to chuckle when Sonnen said he could see Stann as a presidential candidate but with enough time and dedication could you not see him being viable?

Stann versus Lombard will definitely be a contrast of fighters in the fact of demeanor. You will see Stann in a sharply dressed suit and i bet we see Lombard in casual tee and sweats. It will make you align with one of them in your own life.

Can't wait for that fight.

Quick thoughts:

- UFC 149 doesn't really appeal to me as the UFC featherweight division isn't that sexy. The UFC doesn't even get Aldo that much attention and it seems like a cheap champion due to it. I'd like to see Jim Miller go down and get a clear road to Aldo.

-Sucks to lose Cruz vs. Faber II but i must say that Barao vs. Faber is very good. I'm not a fan of Interim Champions and if you ask me I'll say this 'Can't defend in a year, lose the strap'. If Cruz won't be back til' next spring/summer then just allow him first crack when he is back. Having a champion in place isn't a bad thing and people will stay say they ain't the champion until they beat the champ....just make the injured ex-champion the number one contender and there is not shame in that.

- Strikeforce needs to get Rousey vs. Kaufmann going ASAP, strike the iron (Rousey) while it is still hot. I'd also like to see Sara McMann brought over and start building that as the next fight until Evangelista Cris Cyborg is ready.

-#RallyForLavarJohnson, no?

(What the UFC's next evolution will be...damn trend setting WWE)


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