So much fail: UFC on Fox 3 edition

Good morning Maniacs.

I don't know about you, but I make picks based on logic: prior performances: of both opponents, taking into account their recent wins, losses, draws, ect. How they won, what they did, who they fought.

I deduce a likely outcome based on their skill set. Lately though, fighters have quote "shit the bed" rather often. Choking and not living up to prior performances to the point that it makes me question whether or not simply picking at random would be a better plan than relying on a fighters past.



WTF man? Biggest one for me personally as I lost a sig bet with wisetoad.

He allowed himself to be pushed against the cage but a man he should have had a speed advantage over. The first time he ate a few knees and dropped for the the take down, somehow got it but gave up the mount? Everyone is shocked by that development that he was able to do that. I almost shit my pants seeing him working for the Americana.

But, he choked, shit the bed. And Johnson got the underhook and the stand up and bulled him into the cage again where he proceeded to stand there eating shots until a left hook drops him on his ass.

Make no mistake: this was a winnable fight for Barry. So much fail.

WHERE SHOULD HE GO? Drop to 205lbs and quit being a stubborn fool. I love your fights Barry, you always come to fight. But somethings gotta give!


Those on mania during the facebook undercard bouts can attest that many were pissed about the outcome of Denis fight. Nearly everyone had him picked to win, and early on in the round he had Delorme hurt badly, but for some reason he lacked the killer instinct last night to finish him. I don't want to be overly critical, because many things can be the cause of a fighter making that mistake.

I think what really upset people is the fact that Denis got knocked around by a wrestler who isn't know for great hands and then choked out. He tapped with less than a second remaining in the round.

He'll be back, we all know this. He's exciting to watch.

WHERE SHOULD HE GO? Back to the gym, and next time, don't allow a rocked opponent to recover. He made a mistake. "Son, I am disappoint."

There were other losers on the card, and a few other fighters shit the bed....

Palhares: an amazing BJJ fighter, but did he get exposed as a one trick pony?

Miller: choke artist? or is Nate Diaz just that good?

Lineker: Overhyped prospect or what?

Massenzio: Is he really UFC caliber?

That being said, these guys have accomplished way more in the sport than I ever will, so I really shouldn't criticize them too much.

Have a good Sunday.

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