Do you wanna piece of the stinkman?


thats right you little pussy farts, it's that time.. One of the few times a year that we are in intermission inbetween seasons..

SEASON 7 of the Mania Money Pool is right around the corner and WE WANT YOU!~

Man the fuck up and join the madness that is the money pool.. High end shit talkin FUN, side-bets and hurt fellings.. It doesn't get better than this.

Imagine how cool and respected you would be if you actually beat me in picking mma fights.. The feeling you'd get knowing you picked better then Ricardo Dooby would be overwhelming..Im talking World Series type of celebration.. This is a chance to see how you rank on the scale of life.. Don't disappoint me by flaking out(im looking at you OJR)... Anyone not stepping up to the challenge WILL be looked at different...

If you haven't heard of our little pool, let me learns you..

The process of picking(at involves picking the correct winner, method & round..

Point system goes as follows:

correct winner = 5 points

correct method = 2 points

correct round = 2 points

You get ALL 3 picks right = bonus 2 points

Also, there is always ONE random ‘hot bout’ that gives out double points. (the closest to 50/50 overall picked on PG..chosen by playground) And some underdog picks can get you an extra 2 points(most cases the guy you're picking has no chance in hell).. Not all underdog picks get you bonus points and mmaplayground will always inform you of who is worth the extra points..

(note: you MUST get the correct winner pick to recieve points for method & round)

For anyone who is thinking this is all too complicated, it really isn’t.. I'm far from computer savvy, and I figured it all out easy.. mmaplayground is a very easy site to follow.. Also, dont be shy to ask any questions…

The season starts with UFC on Fox 3 and finishes with UFC 149..(10 events)

How do I Join??:

a) Create an account at

b) Email Commissioner Jay ( that you are interested to join. He will tell you how you can settle the fee

c) Jay will invite you in Playground to join the Camp, accept it and you are in.

d) The most important thing: The cut-off is the day before the second event. That means one (1) day before MAY 15! (UFC on FUEL 3 event) Jay must have already received your payments.

(There's PLENTY of time to get your entry fee to jay before the 15th.. Snail Mail takes no longer than one week to arrive)
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