LSC's 1-2 on recent MMA news


Ah yes, another Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) show and this may very well be the show to get over the UFC over the hump on FOX.

Lightweight contenders Nate Diaz (15-7) takes on New Jersey native, pie maker and home beer brewer Jim Miller (21-3) in the main event. The two scrappy fighters have always been a pleasure to watch and Jim Miller pushed everything he had against current UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson last August.

In other news, the UFC signed long time Bellator Fighting Championships middleweight champion and wrecking ball Hector Lombard. UFC president Dana White quickly announced that Lombard would face 'All-American' war hero Briant Stann, possibly at UFC on Fox 4.

Stay tuned for more thoughts and predictions.

UFC on FOX 3:

The UFC finally got a nice mix of fights in my mind as this features some of the promotions most exciting fighters. Pat Barry, Lavar Johnson, Alan Belcher, Rousimar Palhares, Josh Koscheck, Johnny Hendricks,Jim Miller and Nate Diaz.

They must have looked at their finishing rates because all 8 combatants have combined for 46 wins by TKO/KO and 47 submission wins. Lavar Johnson leads the knockout department with 14 and Palhares leads the submission tally with 10.

The main event has my attention the most as i enjoy both Miller and Diaz' fights more so then not. I think we see Diaz win here unless Miller scraps and moves well. The problem is seems like Miller loves a dog fight and his wrestling isn't that or Rory McDonald's. I am taking Nate Diaz by decision 29-28.

My wild card is that of Alan Belcher, I know that Palhares can snap legs, ankles and every limb but c'mon WHO HAS HE BEAT!?. It seems like every time he steps up in competition he gets beat. Belcher has beaten notable grapplers like Jason McDonald (who went toe to toe with Maia on the ground) and beat rejuvenated powerhouse wrestler Ed Herman who has been on a tear. He also defeated strikers Patrick Cote (Sorry Jay) and Jorge Santiago in fashion.

Belcher isn't some bum on the ground as he has submission wins over Sean Salmon, Denis Kang, Patrick Cote and made McDonald tap like a maple tree.

Belcher will win because he is the smarter fighter, more versatile and looked great for a year off.

Lavar Johnson over Pat Barry (Better chin, better hands)
Alan Belcher over Rousimar Palhares (Smarter fighter, more versatile)
Johnny Hendricks over Josh Koscheck (Hungrier and better striker)
Nate Diaz over Jim Miller (Close but fandom reigns supreme)

Hector Lombard arrives for his mission:

Lombard finally got his chance to give Bellator the finger; now wants his piss test and his route to Anderson Silva, please.

Hector Lombard is on a crazy win streak and when i hear people say that it's against cans i laugh. Sure, he ain't beating Thales Leites and Dean Lister but to call the guys he has fought 'cans' is laughable. Do you realize how many guys Jay Silva would embarrass even in his current state? I bet about 70-75% of every middleweight. Don't get me wrong because i know Jay Silva in the grand scheme ain't shit, so relax.

How many fighters actually get to fight in the UFC? I bet about 15% maybe of all the fighters currently competing in Mixed Martial Arts.

I'm not ever going to call Lombard a can crusher because eh ain't fighting the likes of Kimbo Slice's street fighting days, he is fighting world class fighters who may not be elite UFC talent but still worthy of a promotion spot.

Hector Lombard will go to 'war' with U.S. war hero Brian Stann in what should show where either man is. We will find out if Stann can outmatch a worthy striker or will Lombard add to his stellar streak. I believe Lombard-Stann is a fight good enough for the main event because it is such an easy sell.

Hmm knockout artist and war hero, American vs. Cuban-American and two bad ass dudes.

I'm taking Lombard via TKO

Final thoughts:

- I dig Invicta but for women's MMA to grow it should rid featherweight because the depth is so small and anything 105-135lbs makes the most sense.

-To the people saying that Dan Henderson has a 'puncher's chance' is one of the dumbest comments. That one punch has laid a who's who in this industry. I guess when Chuck Liddell in his hype had only a 'puncher's chance' too, right?

- Nick Diaz won't beat the NSAC. i am assuming 9 months and hoping for 6 because he has a solid semantics argument going plus this is fucking 'weed' and though it's against the rules, he wasn't stoned come bell time.

- UFC 147 will be one of the worst pay per view buyrates ever.

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