Pat Barry vs. Mark Hunt

Good afternoon Maniacs,

I don't have any more studying to do and nothing to do today... at all...

And I was thinking about this fight as a potential match up in the near future.

Currently the line up is:

Pat Barry vs. Lavar Johnson at UFC on Fox 3: Diaz vs. Miller

Betting Odds: (-200 Barry, +170 Johnson)


Mark Hunt vs. Stefan Struve at UFC 146: Dos Santos vs. Mir

Betting Odds: (-115 Struve, -105 Hunt)

Both fighters face stiff competition for the current respective fights. Both men face much taller fighters with longer reach.

Hunt's danger is the long limbs of Struve and the slick submissions he seems to pull out of his ass on occasion. My biggest fear for Mark Hunt is he falls into the same trap as Barry and gets submitted.
Anyone else fear a repeat for Mark Hunt when he faces Struve?

Barry's danger in his fight this weekend is the insane power of Lavar Johnson. Barry will have a major speed advantage as well as fluidity of movement while striking.

Mark Hunt is ranked 12th as crazy as that sounds. Struve is ranked 21st.

Neither Barry nor Johnson are ranked in the top 25 according to the Consensual rankings(something I disagree with), but other sites have them somewhere in the top 25.

Mark Hunt: 38 years old - 5'10'' - 255lbs? - 74" reach
8-7 (5 KO/TKO) MMA ---------------
30-13 (13 KO/TKO) Kickboxing/ K-1

Last fight: KO 1st Round over Cheick Kongo at UFC 144


He's been losing weight and looking very good in his recent fights.. Between the rally for Mark Hunt and his improving fight IQ, he's become very fun to watch. Some even calling it a "Cinderella Man" situation.

Pat Barry : 32 years old - 5'11'' - 240lbs - 74.5" reach
7-4 (6 KO/TKO) MMA ----------------------

18-6 (9 KO/TKO) Kickboxing/ K-1

Last fight: KO in the 1st Round over Christian Morecraft at UFC on FX 1Barry2_medium

Barry's fight IQ, grappling and confidence are getting better. But since he's only one fight removed from a 2 fight losing streak(1 KO, 1 Submission), there's a reason why he's not higher in the rankings.

Both men have a pro kickboxing background, though Hunt is clearly the more experienced and accomplished of the two. Hunt has fought better competition and in the case of common opponents:

Cheick Kongo: Barry lost by KO, Hunt won by KO.
Mirko CroCop: Barry lost by Submission, Hunt won by split decision.

If history remains constant, then Hunt will beat a man that Barry lost to.



If these two were to fight:

Experience, power, and chin(though not unbreakable) would easily go to Hunt.

Flexibility, speed, and cardio would go to Barry. And though he is only a couple fights removed from a crazy KO loss, he does have a decent chin.



Logically, this fight doesn't make a lot of sense, even if both men were to win their respective fights. It would be a step backwards for Hunt as far as the rankings go.

But come on, it would be flipping Hunt vs. Barry!!!! I would love to see that fight personally.

What would your prediction be? I say Hunt by KO in the 3rd round.

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