Maniacs. Just TRY and shut us up -- Updated with Geno and Sergio's Podcast



So here we are again.

I've been married twice. I'm used to being dismissed and ignored.

But I can't stand by and watch it happen to my fellow Maniacs.

A few months ago, we all discussed the possibility of an MMAmania podcast. We threw some ideas around. Basically we decided that we're narcissistic and the typed word was a constraint put upon us that was unholy and wrong.

Geno and Sergio have a podcast over at Cageside and I feel that we Maniacs need one as well.

Who doesn't want to hear the dulcet tones of Chocolate Silk? How badass would a live ABB rant be? I want an angry Unambig to call me names. Live.

I want to discuss the finer points of MMA in a friendly, Mania style podcast. I think Geno and Sergio would be great hosts. Holland and Tommy giving editorials. A neverending stream of OJR short jokes and we could all benefit from hearing Sarah talk, while looking at her picture. Yeah. I went there.

So Jesse points the finger at The General. The General points the finger at the Great And Powerful Tommy.

And Tommy. Well, we have no idea where he is. So let's make some noise. Literally.

Who wants to hear a live MMAmania weekly podcast? And what do you want it to sound like?

If we wait for Tommy to pull the trigger on this sucker, The Pride will be having his retirement dinner.

I'm old. And I hate waiting for things. And demanding things I haven't earned is the old guy way.

So what do you think boys? Is it time to be heard or am I just ranting and midweek drunk again?


This is Geno here and Scottidog is clearly midweek drunk again. What else is new?

Anyway, some of you have asked where you can listen to the podcast that Sergio and I do over at Cageside Seats. Instead of linking you and making you click anywhere, I thought I would be nice to you lazy Maniacs and just post it right here.

Warning -- you pro wrestling haters won't like this because it's all about pro wrestling. But this is what we sound like and this is how Sergio and I are together. Which is, in short, gay.

Enjoy. And if you like it enough, maybe we'll do one for MMA and post it here. We can call it Mixed Martial Mania.

And as for Holland blaming me for this thing not getting off the ground, you all know how well you can rely on his word. Just look at his UFC 146 predictions.

Without further adieu, skip to 3:26 for the start of the show.

Update 2. I can't get the damn podcast to embed. Working on fixing now.

The player won't embed on a FanPost. So just click HERE to listen to it if you'd like.

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