Fights to make after 146

Silva vs. Del Rosario

I think the win over Fedor made fans overrate Bigfoot. He's lost 3 of his last 6 and almost got KTFO by Mike Kyle. Give him Shane in a fight of former Strikeforce contenders.

Cormier vs. winner of Rothwell-Browne

This will be an interesting tune-up fight for Cormier, as he probably needs one good fight when he finally gets into the UFC before contending for the title (he also probably won't wait until Cain and JDS finish throwing their weight around). Browne is obviously undefeated and Rothwell has seemed to undergo a resurgence of late, so a win for either of them propels them through the heavyweight rankings, while at the same time, neither of them posing much danger for Cormier and his eventual title shot.

Struve vs. winner of Mitrione-Broughton

It amazes me that Struve is only 24 years old, considering he's almost had 30 pro MMA fights. Nevertheless, he has 8 wins in his last 10, and pretty easily handled a dangerous-but-not-great fighter in Lavar Johnson, so he deserves a substantive leap in competition. From everything I've seen of Broughton, it'll be Mitrione's fight to lose and I think Mitrione vs. Struve will be an interesting matchup.

Nelson vs. Hunt

Nelson is an ace grappler but he'll rather stand and throw leather with Hunt. It'll be a slugfest, although if Nelson was smart he'd get Hunt down, put him in a mounted crucifix and pound away. The thought of that is worth the price of a PPV by itself.

Miocic vs. Nogueira-Kongo winner

It pained me to see Shane's undefeated streak go to the wayside after Miocic's barrage of brutal ground-and-pound. Although Miocic could benefit from some seasoning in his standup, his heavy top game would be interesting to witness vs. a fighter like Nogueira. What's more, the fight makes sense from a divisional ranking, as both men will be coming off wins that don't necessarily forward their careers. In short, I want to see Miocic either rolling with Nogueira, or trading with Kongo, before I'm sold on him.

Mir vs. Werdum

Two of the top UFC submission artists and BJJ practitioners going at it. Should be a doozey.

Any opinions maniacs? This is my first fanpost so feedback would be much appreciated.

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