Possible Return of Brock Lesnar and Post UFC 146 Thoughts

So off the heels of a fantastic(IMO) UFC 146, there's a piece of "news" that has the online MMA community buzzing.

Brock Lesnar has many people fooled again. In one way or another.

Things that really matter after the event:

-Upset of the Night: Candidate for Upset of the Year; Jamie Varner over Edson Barboza.That in itself is an incredible story from this event. I don't know of anyone who openly had Varner picked to beat the previously unbeaten beast. I am sure Barboza will come back better, learn from his mistake as all fighters do.

-Another title hunt? Not likely but it was nice to see him win: And people are also talking about the first win since 2009 for Dan Hardy. Wohoo for Hardy fans.

-Looked like shit: Miller/Dollaway Miller looked like shit but he was winning the standup exchanges against Dollaway with one leg. Clearly... CB doesn't have a very good chin.... and this is also the last time we see Miller in the UFC for the foreseeable future with his second release from the company. I swear he used to be a better fighter...

-Scariest new guy in a while: Glover Taixeria looked like a monster. I want to see more of him.

-One Trick pony exploitation: Lavar is a one dimensional fighter with big punching power. Why was that the hot bout? People jumped on his hype train after the Beltran fight. Pat Barry had a winnable fight on his hands but has the fight IQ of a brain damaged monkey sometimes.

-Fight IQ development!!!!: Struve fought a smart fight. That is a big development for him. If he continues to fight smart he could start touching the top 15....

-A long lay off and UFC debut aren't good circumstances: Shane del Rosario is a fantastic kickboxer, he was winning most of the stand up exchanges against Miocic. But if he has good BJJ like so many were claiming, then why did he attempt zero sweeps and have no answer for the top control of Miocic? Or is Stipe that much better of a wrestler.

-Miocic is a bluechip, but he has flaws: Miocic has very good boxing and he wasn't completely useless on the feet, but I don't like his chances against striking specialists. If he threatens with take downs and mixes things up with his sick ground and pound he could keep climbing up. One thing I thought was interesting heading into this fight, I read somewhere that he was nationally ranked in wrestling at 197lbs, but wasn't up in the top 10 so that means he wasn't very good? How does that make sense, apparently he was in the top 20's which considering how many wrestlers there are that's still damn good.... some writers just like to discount the abilities of fighters.

-F Bomb on FX???: Joe Rogan said "he's getting fucked up" live on TV and yet no one is really talking about it except for a few fans. It's possible he might have said "bucked up" but it wasn't very clear. I thought it was ironic because after the fight he was telling the victor he couldn't swear on TV..... O.o

-Roy Nelson: you fat bastard: But still you did far better than I expected. You went from 265lbs at weigh ins to 252, then down to 246, then back up to 256 for this fight. I don't know where you want your weight to be, I hope you drop down to about 240lbs. Good overhand right...

-Herman's chin? So-so or just getting caught? Someone pointed out he's been dropped in all his UFC fights. I'll have to look at the John Olav Enemio fight again...

-Cain Velasquez is a beast. I personally think it was the beat down of the year thus far against Big Foot. So much blood. Did Big Foot even have offense during the fight? Did he do anything of note? And don't tell me a caught leg kick and an up kick that didn't land cleanly count as significant offense.

-Scariest striker in MMA? Dos Santos is a monster. I see him winning the stand up against everyone but Mark Hunt and maybe Alistair Overeem. I think Overeem's K-1 win is tainted but that's just my opinion.

-Shit Gameplan of the night: Daniel Pineda.

Now the Brock Lesnar crap:

I'm a fan of his fights, he's usually exciting and he's a great wrestler with good ground and pound. Should he have "retired" in the first place? No.

But I also don't think he should have been in half the fights he was in during his short career.

If he comes back, he needs a few fights, and I stress at least 3 or 4 fights before he gets a shot a the title. I mean against journeymen and gatekeepers, not top ten fighters at the start or how about this: someone with similar experience?

That being said: I don't see him really making a return.

I said he's fooling people or already has. The joke is on us if he's just doing this to ham it up for pro wrestling and I don't give a shit about him if he is.

Or he fooled us into thinking he was really done in the sport and he'll come back. Will he ever win a title again? No effing way. Could have some fun fights though.

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