What's Next for Junior?

Seems mums been the word on Junior next opponent. Sergio mentioned how Cain vs Junior 2 should be next, and it's hard to argue with that. Personally, I don't think Cain is ready, nor does 1 win warrant a shot back at the same man who pasted him in a bit over a minute. Cain looked impressive as hell, but he wasn't exactly calling for the next shot.

Overeem is still out for what another 6 months? And giving him a title shot immediately after being suspended like that just doesn't seem like a good move.

Frank Mir obviously just got destroyed, and looked like he didn't belong in the same arena, let alone the same cage last night.

Fabricio Werdum, if a rematch is going to be made for Junior already, one would think Cain would be the one not Werdum. Werdum was dispatched even quicker , and more brutally than Cain was, and there doesn't seem to be anyone calling for this fight. Werdum is already scheduled to fight Russow, which could always change, but Werdum should be fighting guys on Mir's level, not Junior's at this time.

Daniel Cormier seems to be the right option. As of right now, DC is the best guy for the job, drubbings of Barnett and Silva in succession , as well as being the only fresh challenger who also looks unstoppable. At the time, he is the only one truly appropriate for a title shot, unfortunately, he is bound to fighting for Strikeforce for one more time. Which really screws everything up. Unless that changes, it seems that DC will not be Junior's next fight, especially with DC healing his hand as well.

Shane Carwin has been off the shelf for a while with injuries, was last seen getting destroyed by Junior, and there's no real reason to go through that again.

So as you can see, there is not many options as of now. It does seem that we are heading towards Cain vs Junior 2 , it's just too bad the UFC HWs is not deep enough to hold that off for now.

Perhaps a potential Brock Lesnar vs Junior fight to close the gap while contenders are building? I mean they did do a whole season of TUF together, and they never got to fight.

Brock vs Junior could possibly be the best fight to make out of all of them, and considering Overeem's situation, it could be easy to right off his last loss to " unnatural " issues.

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